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December 2012

Color Board: Blissful Blues and Subtle Sages
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Color Board: Blissful Blue & Subtle Sage

These blissful blues and subtle sages create a calming and serene palette, and would work beautifully in a cottage master bedroom. Linens are a luxurious fabric for the bedroom, as long as no one is too hung up on wrinkles! The natural texture and weight of these fabrics lend themselves to an upscale, yet comfortable, scheme as they tend to look worn in and relaxed. Using tan and taupe fabrics for the backdrop creates a versatile foundation to build from, and blends nicely with the other earth tones. Pair these fabrics with white painted pieces, and glass lighting fixtures, to create a romantic and soothing ambiance.

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Living Lodge
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Living Lodge

Just the mere word ‘lodge’ conjures images of a crackling fire…the aroma of a stew cooking in the kitchen…a rustic retreat designed for comfort and warmth. Your lodge could be a cozy log cabin on the prairie or a grandiose spread on a mountaintop out West. In fact, lodge style can be interpreted to fit just about every locale – east, west, north, south and in the middle. A lodge may be a vacation retreat or a year-round abode. Most of all, it’s a home for all seasons.

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Blue, White & Natural
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Rooms To Love: Shades of Blue

Shades of blue, white, and natural tones bring out a beachy quality to this traditionally styled living room. This classic color combination is ideal in homes with a lot of light to accentuate the airy feeling of the tranquil scheme. The layers of various blue fabrics create an eclectic mix in this casual and comfortable room.

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Rooms To Love: Beachy Bungalow
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Rooms To Love: Beach Bungalow

The white slipcovered loveseat with high flared arms sets the tone for this beach bungalow. The crisp white fabric plays beautifully with the floor-to-ceiling windows, which allows the sunlight to pour into the room. Pops of color are scattered to offset the light to ensure the room maintains balance. The blend of bold colored accents immediately takes you to a beach landscape with the aquas mimicking the ocean and the oranges evoking a brilliant summer sunset.

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