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Color Board: Blissful Blue & Subtle Sage

Color Board: Blissful Blues and Subtle Sages

These blissful blues and subtle sages create a calming and serene palette, and would work beautifully in a cottage master bedroom.  Linens are a luxurious fabric for the bedroom, as long as no one is too hung up on wrinkles!  The natural texture and weight of these fabrics lend themselves to an upscale, yet comfortable, scheme as they tend to look worn in and relaxed. Using tan and taupe fabrics for the backdrop creates a versatile foundation to build from, and blends nicely with the other earth tones.  Pair these fabrics with white painted pieces, and glass lighting fixtures, to create a romantic and soothing ambiance.

Neutral Cottage Bedroom | Color Board: Blissful Blues and Subtle Sages

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A Merry Cottage Christmas

Take a look at these beautiful holiday décor ideas for every kind of cottage style!  From a farmhouse in the country to a cottage by the sea, everyone can enjoy a colorful holiday season!

An adorable coastal Christmas tree adorned with starfish, sailboats, and colored balls.
Cottage Christmas Ideas | Coastal Tree
photo: Scrapbook Melissah

Farmhouse and Country style stockings hang from decorative hooks.
Cottage Christmas Ideas | Country Stockings
photo: Cowparsley

Just a hint of holiday cheer brightens up this coastal cottage bedroom.
Cottage Christmas Ideas | A hint of decor
photo: Coastal Living

Hydrengeas, starfish and seashells are a fresh approach to holiday decor.
Cottage Christmas Ideas | Coastal Mantel
photo: Beachcomber

Coral branches add a touch of the sea to this blue and silver holiday scheme.
Cottage Christmas Ideas | Silver & Teal Tree
photo: Coastal Living

Rustic accents add character and charm to this modern tiled fireplace.
Cottage Christmas Ideas | Rustic Mantel
photo: Eclectically Vintage

Simplicity with a little glamour for an intimate holiday meal.
Cottage Christmas Ideas | Simple Dining
photo: Hooked on Houses

Less is more in this simple approach to a white Christmas.
Cottage Christmas Ideas | Ladder Tree
photo: Dreamy Whites

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Living Lodge

Living Lodge
Living Lodge | Lodge Style Living Room

Just the mere word ‘lodge’ conjures images of a crackling fire…the aroma of a stew cooking in the kitchen…a rustic retreat designed for comfort and warmth.  Your lodge could be a cozy log cabin on the prairie or a grandiose spread on a mountaintop out West.  In fact, lodge style can be interpreted to fit just about every locale – east, west, north, south and in the middle.  A lodge may be a vacation retreat or a year-round abode.  Most of all, it’s a home for all seasons.

What accounts for the new popularity of lodge-style living?  For many, it’s motivated by a desire to return to a simpler time when the world revolved around hearth and home.  Designed for comfort and ease, a lodge is meant to be lived in.  Rugged and rustic, a lodge is well-suited to today’s active lifestyles.  It can handle the ‘clomp’ of heavy boots and the traffic of a houseful of kids, pets and friends.

Living Lodge | Lodge Style WickerWhile there are many definitions of lodge style, there are a few common denominators.  The essential element in lodge living is that it brings the outdoors inside with an abundance of natural materials and the rich textures of wood.  You are likely to find a stone fireplace, slate floors or countertops, wooden beams and wide-plank floors.

The most important thing to remember about lodge-style decorating is don’t overdo!  It is easy to get carried away with a theme and before you know it, your home starts to resemble an overblown movie set.  A little goes a long way.  Use elements of lodge style in a tasteful ensemble that reflects your own locale and your personal taste.  Here are some suggestions that may help inspire your own brand of lodge living.

High on the lodge list are farmhouse tables made of reclaimed wood or rough-hewn pine.  Families may gather round the table on prairie-style ladder back chairs with rush cane seating.  Others prefer benches to help fit more family and friends around the bountiful table.  Twig furniture and birch bark lamps are reminiscent of an earlier time when the pioneers fashioned furniture from abundant natural materials.Living Lodge | Lodge Style Twig Furniture

Color is another element that helps define lodge style.  Rich, warm earth tones, reds and greens, and wrought-iron black accents set the stage.  Mix patterns and solids, plaids and stripes in a tasteful harmony of colors found in the great outdoors.

Lodge living is all about comfort.  Relax on big, oversized sofas and easy chairs in soft natural fibers or plush leather in deep red, forest green or tawny brown.  Pillows and throws help complete the scene.  Wide plank or slate floors are covered with colorful rugs that help warm cold floors.  You can choose natural fiber rugs or old-fashioned braided and rag rugs for an authentic lodge décor.

Since lodges are often large, they can accommodate large-scale furnishings – big sofas and chairs, ample farmhouse tables, storage chests, armoires, cabinets and more.  Whether large or small, it is critical to select furnishings that fit the scale of your lodge home.

Pensacola Leather Sofa

Now for the accents!  Here’s where you can let your creativity soar.  How about a big wrought-iron chandelier over the dining table?  Consider a birch-log lamp or a faux fur throw.  An old pair of wooden skis, snowshoes or an old sled can be ideal accents for a ski lodge theme.  Carved decoys or fishing lures may be just right for a lakeside cabin.  Big walls are perfect for mounting collections – old tools, arrowheads found in the woods, photographs and prints.  You might even consider mounting a collection of deer or elk antlers that are shed naturally by these animals – no hunting involved!

Living Lodge | Lodge Style Chandelier

But remember the rule – don’t overdo!  Look in the attic.  Browse through tag sales.  Turn to nature for inspiration to create a lodge home that is a reflection of you!


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5 Tips For Successful Seasonal Dining

Design tips: 5 Ways to Successful Seasonal Dining

Even though Thanksgiving is behind us, the holiday season of warm foods and gathering with family and friends for long meals continues throughout the winter.  You want to ensure your guests are comfortable and feel invited to stay awhile for a cozy evening in.  These five seasonal dining tips will not only help to make your dining room look good, but feel good too! 

5 Seasonal Dining Tips
photo: The Kitchn

» Address Seating: Comfortable seating is one of the most important elements in achieving a successful dining experience.   Upholstered chairs are the most inviting, but they do take up a lot of space and are not always practical for a messy bunch!  If you have wood chairs, try bringing in a seat cushion or small lumbar pillows to add comfort, as well as some color.

5 Seasonal Dining Tips | Seating
photo: Cottage Home

» Linens: Dress up your table with linens to add a personal touch for your guests.  Remember to layer for a visually interesting display by alternating between patterns and solids.  For example, a patterned runner that runs the length of the table, topped with complimenting solid placements and accenting patterned napkins, is a practical and pretty equation.   The patterns of the runner and napkins will hide the inevitable dinner mess, while the solid placements carve out individual dining spaces.  This is where you can have fun with color, pattern, and texture to make it your own!

5 Seasonal Dining Tips | Table Linens
photo: HGTV

» Decorative Focal Points: Creating a successful table-scape is a mix of function and flair.  The accent pieces you choose for your table should either be tall and slender, or wide and low, to ensure you are not interrupting the primary reason for gathering:  conversation.  This time of year is perfect for accenting your table with natural items like pinecones, tree branches, or greenery.  When using hurricanes, make sure the vessel is appropriate for the items’ natural size and scale.

Design Tips: 5 Ways to Successful Seasonal Dining
photo: Inspirational Letters by Millie 

» Lighting: The level of lighting directly affects the ambiance of your dining experience.  You want to ensure your guests can see who is sitting across from them at the table without causing a fluorescent lighting effect.  Having a low slung chandelier is the perfect solution for an aesthetically pleasing and efficient lighting source.  The bulbs are usually 35-60 watts, creating a warm glowing environment.  Candles are also a nice touch to set the tone for a cozy night around the dinner table.

5 Seasonal Dining Tips | Lighting
photo: Sophisticated Edge

» Dining Room Rugs: An essential design element in any dining room is the rug, which anchors the table and chairs, while adding color and comfort.  Choosing the right type of rug is not always easy, but low-pile, tight weave rugs are best.  This allows for easy maintenance, like spot cleaning and vacuuming, while also making it easy for chairs to move.  The size of the rug is also important. You want to allow enough space for the chairs to stay on the rug, even when pulled away from the table.  Choose a rug that will be cozy on the feet, and sized correctly for your guests’ ease of use.

5 Seasonal Dining Tips | Rugs
photo: Houzz

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Rooms To Love: Shades of Blue

Blue, White & Natural

Shades of blue, white, and natural tones bring out a beachy quality to this traditionally styled living room.  This classic color combination is ideal in homes with a lot of light to accentuate the airy feeling of the tranquil scheme.  The layers of various blue fabrics create an eclectic mix in this casual and comfortable room.

Blue Living Room | Rooms To Love: Shades of Blue
photo: My Home Ideas

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Rooms To Love: Beach Bungalow

Rooms To Love: Beachy Bungalow

The white slipcovered loveseat with high flared arms sets the tone for this beach bungalow.  The crisp white fabric plays beautifully with the floor-to-ceiling windows, which allows the sunlight to pour into the room.  Pops of color are scattered to offset the light to ensure the room maintains balance.  The blend of bold colored accents immediately takes you to a beach landscape with the aquas mimicking the ocean and the oranges evoking a brilliant summer sunset.

Rooms To Love: Beach Bungalow
photo: Southern Living

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Inspiration Board: Shipshape

Inspiration Board: Shipshape

Is your house shipshape for the holidays? Add a touch of seafaring life to your berth with a nautical accent or two!

Nautical Decor | Inspiration Board: Shipshape #nauticaldecor #coastaldecorating #coastalstyle

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