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January 2013

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Rooms To Love: Delightful Cottage Kitchen

This darling cottage kitchen is the perfect size for a weekend getaway. It offers the essentials without any unneeded extras cluttering the small space. The backdrop of all white allows the pastel color palette to pop and draws your eye immediately to the arrangement of polka dots, florals, fabric collages, and painted furniture. The use of lateral and longitudinal boards on the walls, floors, and ceilings emphasize the structure to visually create a larger space. The drop leaf table is a perfect solution for a tight kitchen and saves on space until in use.

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Rooms to Love: Cottage Chic

This cozy cottage bedroom design is instantly inviting with its soothing color palette and quaint cottage charm. Muted sea foam adorns the paneled walls and a second shade of sea foam layers the bed. The beautiful chestnut stained English Country bed is a striking focal point against the misty tones. Flanking the bed stands two urn lamps, with darling pleated shades, which adds a touch of romance to the space. Adding the distressed painted dresser to the mix brings a touch of eclecticism to this chic and comfortable cottage bedroom.

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Design Tips: Making a Splash with Wallpaper
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Design Tip: Make A Splash with Wallpaper

Sometimes a room is in need of more than just a coat of paint to bring it’s personality to life. Wallpaper provides a decorative back splash that sets the tone for a space using color, design, and texture. Introducing the right wallpaper to your room isn’t always an easy feat, so here are a few helpful tips to guide you in the right direction!

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