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February 2013

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Color Board: Shades of Sage & Persimmon

Blending the warm tone of persimmon with the cool hues of sage and eucalyptus creates this complex color palette. The most interesting spaces tend to be those in which the colors are layered to create a multi-visual statement. As long as the colors balance and complement one another, a space can be as layered as you like. Here you see a well rounded country style color palette that is unique and tasteful. It will bring interest and personality into the space with the spicy shades of persimmon and the serene hints of sage and eucalyptus.

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Buying A Sofa
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Shopping for a Sofa? It’s More Than Just Good Looks!

Many people consider the sofa to be the crown jewel of the living room. It sets the style for the whole room and it’s usually the item that everything else revolves around. It’s an important purchase – and often an expensive one. Before you set out to shop, do a little homework first. It can save time and help you avoid some costly mistakes.

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Rooms to Love: Refined Country Breakfast Nook

An oval table is ideal in this country breakfast nook with the half moon shaped banquet. The soft buttercream, beige, and mahogany tones create a warm and inviting place to share a cup of coffee in the morning or a candlelight dinner at night. Piling pillows on the banquet increases the comfort and utilizes a great opportunity for accent fabrics and fringes. Complementing the banquet is an open weaved wicker dining chair that allows for an uninterrupted view of the table. This space is simple yet elegant with a clear attention to country decorating design details.

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Rooms to Love: Mix & Match Living
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Rooms to Love: Mix & Match Living

Mixing and matching old wood accents with select newer pieces gives this living room an exciting blend of old & new. The fireplace is flanked by two different built-in cabinets; keeping them the same white seen on the fireplace creates a consistent flow across the far wall. The heightened mantelpiece and reclaimed wood feature create a central focal point and draws the eye directly to the fireplace. At night, we imagine the illuminating sconces and fire would create a wonderfully cozy place to sit and relax or watch a movie!

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