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Color Board: Funky Fresh

Sea Glass Decorating Ideas | Color Board: Funky Fresh

Kaledo Green Mosaic Powder Twill Cloud Twill Celadon Jamal pool Dapper Robins Egg

The combination of modern prints gives this sea glass scheme a new kick.  The rug’s deeper blue & green tones help to ground the light and airy fabrics.  Color placement is essential in this charming coastal decorating scheme to keep the buoyant fabrics at eye level on sofas and chairs, and place the deeper tones on the floor in the rug.  

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Design Tip: Bedroom Break-Down

This beautiful cottage style bedroom has major personality and a whole lot of color!  Take a look at the break down to read why this bedroom is so successful.

Bedroom Design Ideas | Design Tip: Bedroom Break Downphoto: Image Spark

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Inspiration Board: Whimsical Sun Porch Dining

Inspiration Board: Whimsical Sun Porch Dining Room #farmhousetables #cottageporches #cottagewickerfurniture #inspirationboards
St. Clair Trestle Table customizations: 84″L x 36″W x 30″H, no breadboard, custom stained top, mint base, medium distressing $2,975  |  Nantucket Wicker Dining Chair 22″W x 23″D x 39.5″H $540  |  Outer Banks Wicker Heirloom Rocker 33″W x 31″D x 39″H $650

The best part of a sun porch dining room is that you can outfit it as an extension of your home!  However, remember that your furniture and accessory selections should be suitable for an indoor/outdoor setting.  There are so many wonderful options available for a room exposed to more sun and moisture than an indoor space, including everything featured on this colorful cottage decorating inspiration board!  

If you want to create an eating area for your porch, but don’t like the typical wicker or glass table top options, then look for a table made from cypress.  Cypress is a wood type that naturally has a high moisture content, making it very resilient to outdoor climates.  Cypress can be painted or stained to create a unique look for your space.  The rug featured on this board is made of dyed acrylic, making it a perfect selection for any space exposed to light and rain.

This aqua and coral color palette is made more diverse with the addition of reds, greens, mustard yellows, and darker stains.  It is a whimsical and cheery palette that creates the perfect surroundings for a fun outdoor family space. 

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St.Claire Trestle Table Nantucket Wicker Occasional Chair Outer Banks Heirloom Rocker

Get Ready for Summer – A Guide to Outdoor Decorating

Outdoor Decorating Ideas | Sun Porch
photo: Cottage Home

Here in Maine, the snow is starting to melt and patches of ground are peaking through.  The days are longer – and the sun is warmer.  After a long winter, we are all dreaming of those lazy days of summer when we can enjoy the great outdoors, so naturally we are thinking of outdoor decorating ideas.

Now is the time to start thinking about decorating your outdoor space!  Take a look in your storage area to see what furnishings you have and if it’s in good condition.  Can your outdoor furniture be used again this year – perhaps with a little touch-up or repair?  Do you need to add some new pieces or are you starting fresh with a new outdoor décor that will maximize your space and enhance your enjoyment?

Ordering furniture can take up to three months for delivery, so let’s get started now.  First, think about your space and how you plan to use it.  Are you decorating for a summer home at the coast or a rustic retreat in the mountains or at a lake?  Is it an urban pocket garden or a Victorian porch?  Is it spacious and sprawling or compact and contained?  Is your outdoor area sunny or shady – or a combination of the two?  Think about how you want to use the space – for dining, lounging, entertaining or as an outdoor retreat.

Outdoor Decorating Ideas | Porch Layout

Make a floor plan – or should we say a grounds plan.  Taking dimensions might not be as easy in the great outdoors, but a sketch and approximate dimensions will do.  You may want to divide your space into areas with a good flow for grilling, dining, sunning, playing, or even working.  Then, decide what pieces of furniture you will need in those areas.  If you are decorating for an enclosed porch or deck, think of it as a room.  Take more careful measurements and plot your furniture placement on a computer program or on graph paper.

Outdoor Decorating Ideas | Porch Color Package     Outdoor Decorating Ideas | Porch Color Package II

Think theme!  Ideally, your outdoor space should be an extension of your home and fit the environment where it is located.  Your outdoor décor may be sleek and sophisticated for a modern home or in an urban setting.  Or, it may be rustic or Victorian for a cottage-style home.

In recent years, advances in materials and finishes have expanded the choices for outdoor furnishings.  Today’s new materials and technology have made it possible for outdoor furnishings to be fashionable, as well as durable and weather-resistant.

Let’s look at some of the options available today:

Wicker is an all-time favorite for outdoor living.  It is reminiscent of a bygone era when families gathered on the front porch.  Made of hand-woven rattan, it is durable, strong, and flexible.  However, traditional wicker is best used indoors or in a covered or screened-in porch where there is limited exposure to rain and sun.  For outdoor use, look for specially made outdoor wicker furniture that will stand up to the elements. High quality products are generally made of all-weather high density resin wicker over an aluminum frame. Cushions should be self-draining, mildew resistant, and made of anti-microbial commercial grade foam.  The furniture can be painted in a variety of colors to create a décor that reflects your personal decorating style.

Outdoor Decorating Ideas | Cottage Wicker Colors

What about wood?   We all remember those old benches, chairs and picnic tables that would peel, crack and splinter.  That’s a problem of the past thanks to new pressure treated kiln-dried wood materials.  Often made from treated Southern pine – an American renewable resource – this outdoor furniture keeps its good looks for years to come.

Outdoor Decorating Ideas | Outdoor Wood Bar
photo:  Cottage Home

For a totally maintenance-free choice, consider outdoor furnishings made of 100 percent recycled plastic.  This eco-friendly furniture is economical and long lasting.  Available in bright colors and upscale design, many of these collections herald a whole new era of plastic chic.  Perfect for reading and relaxing, the Adirondack chair is light weight, colorful and easy to store.  No more peeling, cracking or splintering.  Just hose it down and it’s clean.  Recycled plastic tables, chairs and occasional pieces make outdoor living a breeze, even in challenging weather environments like here on the Maine coast.  An important added benefit – eco-friendly furniture means that it is good for the environment.

Bronze Anchor LightAs in any décor, it’s the accessories and accent pieces that make the space unique and attractive.  For outdoor living, it’s important to light up the night. Solar lighting can be used to illuminate the garden and pathways. Twinkling string lights can be draped through trees and posts to create a romantic effect.  Overhead lighting helps ensure that the space can be used at night for dining or reading.  Oil lanterns and candle hurricane lanterns create a rustic effect, while safe for use in an open windy area.

Area rugs made of polypropylene/olefin fabrics help delineate the space in an outdoor room.  Available in an array or colors and patterns, these indoor-outdoor rugs are easy to clean, stain-resistant, and fade-resistant.

Let your imagination roam free.  Use pillows and throws to soften the space.  Mix and match colors and patterns.  Potted and hanging plants create a natural flow to the surrounding garden.  Look for artwork, sculptures, rocks, shells or driftwood to create nature-inspired accents that reflect your environment.  Most of all – have fun! That’s what summer and outdoor living is all about!

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The Benefits of Houseplants

The Benefits of Houseplants

The Benefits of Houseplants

1. Plants are scientifically proven to purify and circulate the air in your home.

2. They bring the outdoors in!

3. Plants add color and visual interest for a personalized decorative touch.

4. They are useful, whether it be herbs in the kitchen or aloe for pesky burns.

5. Plants add life to any space, which improves happiness and increases healing!

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Rooms To Love: Coral & Seafoam Sitting Room

Rooms To Love: Coral Seafoam Green Sitting Room

photo: Martha Stewart

Pale peaches, rosy corals, and creamy oranges creates a heavenly environment – perfect for this classic, yet whimsical, coral seafoam green sitting room.  Using the quiet seafoam to highlight the architectural details of the built-in bookshelf creates an overall understated appeal to the space, while the coral provides just the right pop of color.

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Rooms To Love: Colorful Cottage Bedroom

Colorful Cottage Bedroom | Rooms To Love
photo: Crooks and Nannies

A bright and bold spin on traditional cottage styles breathes new life into this colorful cottage bedroom.  The embellished turned detail and the over-sized carved curls on the bed are a modern twist on the traditional Chippendale style bed frame.  The upholstered bench mimics the rounded curl from the bed with high rolled arms, and is in an adorable small scaled check print.  Layering color and different fabric prints gives this bedroom a contemporary, yet quaint, cottage look and feel. This room encapsulates eclectic in an orderly fashion by keeping the clutter to a minimum, and the paintings on the wall sparse, allowing the color palette to really shine!

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Inspiration Board: French Country Dining

Inspiration Board: French Country Dining #countrystyle #reclaimedwoodtables #countryfurniture

When designing with French country flair, you want to emphasize rustic wood with rubbed and distressed finishes mixed with a dash of toiles and frills.  French country dining is a delicate balance between luxury and comfort with a primary focus on rustic charm.  This dining room shown in subdued sage, cocoa, and cream has a signature French country flair with the dazzling wrought iron and wood chandelier, reclaimed wood dining table, braided woven rug, and an eclectic mix of upholstered chairs with intricately turned features.

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