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Color Board: Strawberry Lemonade

Cottage Style Inspiration | Color Board: Strawberry Lemonade

Strands Citurs Halle berry Snochu Cayenne Zen Ocean April Blooms Estes Lemon

On a hot summer day all you want is an ice cold refreshing drink to quench your thirst!  This color palette does the same for your senses by blending warm and cool tones to create an invigorating combination.  This room is a cottage style inspiration to wellness with its uplifting and cheery demeanor. How could you not feel instantly happier walking into this space?

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Get The Look: Teak Patio

Get The Look: Teak Patio Furniture

Teak patio furniture is a great choice for a beautifully weathered finish and a versatile style!  Teak wood naturally grays over time, giving it an aged appearance, even though the wood maintains its strength.  There are ways to polish and treat your teak if you prefer the original golden brown hue to the ashen finish it develops.  

With a simple teak frame, teak sectionals create a minimalist look to any outdoor space, that is easily personalized with cushion colors and pillow fabrics!  This gorgeously green outdoor space is a perfect backdrop for a shady lounge spot, while the rug anchors the sitting area. The green, yellow, and tan palette is a perfect choice to blend in with the natural surroundings.

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Celebrating Earth Day!

Every April, Earth Day reminds us to appreciate the beauty of the world around us, and how much we need to protect and preserve it.  Our earth provides us with tangible necessities to live, like air, water, and food, but it also provides us with a constant intangible resource, it’s beauty.  For centuries, that beauty has provided artists and designers alike with inspiration from luscious landscapes, magnificent mountains, and roaring seas.

The colors found in nature are endless, and are consistently sought after as the inspirational palette in peoples’ homes.  Filling your home with earth tones creates a feeling of the outdoors coming in, and a more natural living environment.  They also create a sense of serenity, calmness, and ease, which is an invaluable setting for a place to call home.

Here are some fabrics to inspire an earth tone feeling in your home:Earth Tones

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Pros and Cons of Stylish Home Trends

All avid decorating fans love to flip through the newest design magazines and consult collaborative idea websites, like Pinterest & Houzz, to absorb as many ideas as possible.  We all see those stunning homes that make for beautiful photos, but are they as practical as we would hope?  Here is a list of stylish home trends that we adore and the pros and cons of living with them.  Do they work for you?

The Kitchen:

Color-blocked open shelving is clean, understated, and down-right gorgeous.  But how practical is it to display your everyday dishes?

Home Trends | Open Display Shelving in Kitchens  Image: Pinterest Home Trends | Open Display Shelving in Kitchens IIImage: House of Turquoise  Home Trends | Open Display Shelving in Kitchens III  Image: Centsational Girl


  • Creates visual interest
  • Easy access to dishware
  • Open and airy design concept


  • Not as easily managed as behind the door storage
  • Constant consideration for where things belong
  • Creates a higher level of maintenance for cleaning

The Living Room:

Animal hide rugs are a great choice for an elegant look, but how practical are they for a high traffic area such as the living room?

Home Trends | Living Room with Animal Hide RugImage: Fleaing Foxes Home Trends | Living Room with Animal Hide Rug IIImage: Iced Coffee&Peonies Home Trends | Living Room with Animal Hide Rug IIIImage: Pinterest


  • A stylish and luxurious look
  • Versatile, as they can be paired with any style
  • Creates a warm and cozy atmosphere
  • Adds an asymmetrical element with the skewed shape


  • Typically there is no backing which makes for a trip/slip hazard
  • Mixed reviews on cleaning instructions. Some websites have a long list of care considerations, where others claim their product is low maintenance. Ensure the care instructions will be feasible to maintain prior to making a purchase.

Lucite has been around since the early 1930’s, and hit an all-time high in furniture design in the 1980’s.  It is a resin based material, which today, is available in many forms and colors.  Despite its popularity, does this material work for your coffee table for day-to-day life?

Home Trends | Living Room with Lucite TableImage: DecorPad Home Trends | Living Room with Lucite Table IIImage: Vinteriors

Home Trends | Living Room with Lucite Table IIIImage: Matters of Style


  • Limitless design for all types of spaces, and furniture arrangements, because of the “floating” visual affect
  • Introduces a new material into the space other than wood stained and painted tables
  • Blends into the space allowing for emphasis on other pieces in the room


  • Lucite is an easy to scratch material, and because of the clear finish, those scratches become very apparent
  • Collects and shows dust quickly
  • They do not typically offer any storage

The Bathroom:

Open-concept shelving in the bathroom has a similar list of considerations as the kitchen.  However, in the bathroom, a whole different array of products are on display.  Does this look make an organized statement or create a high maintenance space?

Home Trends | Bathroom with Open Display ShelvingImage: Casa Decorada Home Trends | Bathroom with Open Display Shelving IIImage: Watermelon Fizz Home Trends | Bathroom with Open Display Shelving IIIImage: Houzz


  • Offers visual interest with baskets, crates, jars and other interesting containers
  • Creates a spa-like atmosphere
  • Easy access to towels, washcloths, and linens


  • Delicate balance between what should/should not be on display
  • Folding & organization quickly becomes an integral design necessity to maintain a spotless appearance

Since spring is upon us, now is a great time to begin brainstorming ways to freshen up your home!  These trends are all unique and easy ways to liven up and re-organize the most frequently used spaces in the home. Looking at all sides of the pretty and practical elements of these trends helps to identify if they are a good fit for you and your family.     

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Inspiration Board: Cottage Charm

Inspiration Board: Cottage Charm

Whether it is a cottage by the ocean or a lakeside in the woods, cottage charm can take on many forms.  A true cottage is outfitted with a wide variety of furniture and accessories to make it an eclectic and unique home.  This cottage style inspiration board is a blend of materials and a concise color palette, with traditional elements like the cotton braided rug and natural rattan wicker. The soft greens, blues, and ivories combine to create a romantic, charming feeling in this setting.

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Rooms to Love: A Sunny Disposition

Sunny Living Room | Rooms to Love: A Sunny Disposition
photo: New England Home Magazine

This beautifully sunny living room is made even brighter by the use of warm yellows and periwinkle blues.  This color palette brings in the sun and sea from just beyond the windows, and has an immensely cheerful effect on the space. 

The furniture arrangement makes it ideal for casual conversation without interfering with the exceptional view out the picturesque windows. The window seat provides a cozy nook for a cup of tea, reading the paper, or napping the afternoon away.  Coastal motifs are spread throughout the space without creating an overly nautical theme.  A refined and distinguished coastal space that creates happiness and enjoyment for all who visit.

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Get The Look: Seaside Living Room

Get the Look: Seaside Living Room

This beautiful seaside living room, featured in April’s issue of Coastal Living Magazine, is part of the new Beach House Hotel in Turks and Caicos!  We wanted to show you that you don’t have to go overseas to create this breezy getaway feel in your own home.  Seafoam, tan, and white fabrics create a dreamy feel that instantly transports you to a sandy and serene place.  The casual and comfortable slipcovered sofa and chairs make this space not only beautiful, but practical too.  Slipcovers are easy to clean and allow for a no-fuss living space.  Another great detail in this space is the driftwood style reclaimed wood TV stand that adds diversity and interest to this calm space.  

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Staff Picks: Katie’s Compromise “The Master Bedroom”

Gender Neutral Master Bedroom | Staff Picks: Katie's Compromise

Deciding on the look of the master bedroom can be a tricky situation for some couples! Here’s Katie’s take: 

This serene green color package brings together our two distinct tastes of casual elegance and rustic farmhouse charm to create a gender neutral master bedroom.  It is a melody of seafoam and sage greens, with a splash of brown and black blended together perfectly in the striped rug.  The arched upholstered headboard in the soft seafoam fabric is a flawless choice that captures elegant simplicity.  It is also the most comfortable thing for sitting up in bed while nighttime reading!  The reclaimed wood floors and end tables are a great source of natural texture and character that offsets the soft feminine textiles of the bed.  And of course the chandelier is a perfect compromise – a feminine shape carved beautifully from a more masculine material.  The layers of greens and the blending of materials creates a harmonious balance for a restful, yet inspiring, space.

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Rooms To Love: Coastal Retreat

Sea Inspired Living Room | Rooms To Love: Coastal Retreat
photo: Seaside Inspired

This sea inspired living room evokes absolute tranquility with the soft hues and comfortable fabrics filling the room from top to bottom.  The overstuffed and causally slipcovered furniture makes the space welcoming, inviting, and friendly to all who enter.  Using natural fibers for the coffee table, large area rug, and window shades adds an organic element that complements the coastal style furnishings.  The large striped window treatments in coastal shades adds a breezy touch to the dramatic windows.

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