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Adding Extra Storage

Most homes can benefit from have more places to store all of life’s little necessities. Here are five ways of adding storage to your home:

Adding Storage to Your Home

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Living Room: Better Homes and Gardens

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Rooms to Love: Casual Living

Rooms to Love: Casual Living RoomImage: Elements of Style

The furnishings in this open concept casual living room all play off of the dramatic contrast between the dark wood floors and the white beadboard walls.  Everything in this space harmonizes beautifully by maintaining the dark/light contrast throughout.  The stark white slipcovered sofa balances the heavy rattan framed chairs and all three pieces are anchored by the beige striped rug.  The trunk coffee table is a great solution for hide away storage and adds a small splash of rustic character.  Naturally the large stone fireplace is the main focal point in the room, flanked by two large windows draped in a soft cream fabric.

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Color Board: Rust, Gold & Bay Leaf

Cottage Style Decorating Ideas | Color Board: Rust, Gold & Bay Leaf

Cat's Paw Cranwell Desert Ensemble Robins Egg Marilyn Persimmon

This Cat’s Paw rug is the primary focal point in this playful, yet refined, color palette.  The bold print of the rug adds a touch of whimsy to the otherwise reserved linens and embossed fabrics.  The array of colors in the rug provides endless cottage style decorating ideas for coordinates, but these fabric choices are designed for a more formal space that wants to avoid a stuffy appearance.  The gold and red fabrics provide warmth, and, accompanied by the rug, create a friendly and inviting environment.

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Get The Look: Balanced Bedroom

Cottage Bedroom | Get The Look: Balanced Bedroom
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White Distressed Mirror Robin Haze Sun Cloud Southampton Nightstand Oval Glass Table Lamp Stony Brook Bed

What a sweet and gentle color palette in this balanced cottage bedroom that embraces femininity and luxurious comfort!  The sprawling floral print envelops the bed and makes a large statement against the quiet neutral tones of the painted bed and nightstands.  The deep haze fabric on the upholstered bench is a nice contrast paired with the cream, grey, and white painted pieces and raw wood floors.  A warm glow seems to emanate from this bedroom creating a joyful and rejuvenating environment.

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Inspiration Board: Tangerine Dream

Decorating with Blue and Tangerine | Inspiration Board

Clearwater Chair Blue Orb Glass Lamp 5 Drawer Lingerie Chest Tangerine Dream Cotton Rug

Decorating with blue and tangerine creates an exciting and whimsical theme for a kid’s play area or reading spot in a bedroom.  The over-sized chair is big enough for two to curl up on, while the soft poof ottomans provide additional seating.  Creating an environment for children is about visual and tactile stimulation, which is why you can be a little bolder with shapes, textures, and colors.  Let their imaginations do the rest!  

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A Home Fit For Our Furry Friends

Pets are a huge part of our families; they bring joy and happiness to our lives and to our homes.  With our pets in mind, we consider some pet friendly decorating tips to create a home that is suitable for their active lifestyles, yet doesn’t sacrifice comfort or style in the process.  It is all about choosing materials, especially fabrics, that will accommodate the inevitable wear and tear from our furry friends.  Here are a few tips to help you create pet-friendly environments for the two rooms most frequently visited by paws – the entryway and the family room.

Pet Friendly Decorating Tips | Entryway with Wood Floors

The entryway into your home can take a lot of abuse, not only from people, but pets as well.  It is the first area in the house where animals come in from the outside and shake off from rain, snow, mud, and dirt.  First, eliminate any materials where odors will be captured.  Carpeting will soak up odors, dander, hair will stick, and any “accidents” will be soaked into the carpet as well as the padding.  Wood, tile, cement, or other sealed flooring are the best choices for easy upkeep, including vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping.  Tile or cement are both nice choices for warmer climates, because either material creates a cool spot for your pet to lay low and escape the heat.


Pet Friendly Decorating Tips | Entryway with Tile

With wood flooring, you have multiple options with different price tags, but most homes have pine, mahogany, red oak or maple floors.  Wood offers warmth and natural character, as the grains vary from board to board.  Wood is a penetrable material, so scratching from your pets’ long nails can occur.  It is best to keep their nails short to reduce damage to the floors.  Remember to have a designated mat where pets can wipe their paws.  Choose mats that are made of coarse synthetic fibers that will hold up to tough wear and will catch loose dirt. 



The family room is where pets and people love to gather for relaxing, lounging, and spending time together.  Choosing fabrics and furnishings that support these activities creates a low key and happy place for everyone in the family.

Pet Friendly Decorating Tips | Living Room with Easy Care Rug

Laying the foundation is first and foremost:  the area rug!  Some key concerns when choosing the right area rug for your pets – Is it easy to clean?  Does it have a tight weave?  Will it stay in place with high traffic?  Choose a rug that has clear care instructions on what cleaning products are okay to use to spot-clean.  Try to avoid rugs that are dry clean only.  Synthetic fiber rugs are just as good as natural fiber rugs, and tend to be a little less expensive.  Depending on the blend type, they can even be a better choice for heavy traffic areas because of their durable and stain-resistant nature.

The weave type of the rug is also significant if you have animals that tend to knead or dig a lot.  Their nails will create pulls and separations in the rug that will lead to constant rug replacements.  Choose rugs with a tight closed weave, and avoid options that have loose or knitted textures.

Keeping the rug in place is an additional factor to consider, because a family room with pets is destined to become a play area!  Investing in a high-quality grip rug pad is recommended for any type of rug to help keep it in place.

Pet Friendly Decorating Ideas | Living Room with Oyster Rug When choosing sofas & chairs for the family room, consider slipcovered frames versus upholstered frames.  A slipcover allows for much more flexibility for easy cleaning and is easier to replace when the time comes.

Some people shy away from slipcovers because they want a more tailored look, but not all slipcovers have to be loose and ill fitting.  Look for a heavier weighted fabric that will keep its shape when draped.  A welt, or piping, around the frame also helps to give a slipcovered piece more structure. With either slipcovered or upholstered pieces, just like rugs, choose fabric material that is easy-to-clean and durable.  As we all know, no matter how much we try to keep our pets off the furniture, it’s the first, and last, place they want to sleep! 


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Entryway Better Homes and Gardens
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Living Room The Inspired Room
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Rooms To Love: Rustic Coastal Cottage

Rooms to Love: Rustic Coastal Cottage
photo: BHG

This rustic coastal cottage packs a lot of personality for such a small space.  The painted white high-paneled wainscoting and walls provide a clean palette to showcase the red, white, and blue motif.  The reclaimed wood accent pieces, like the coffee table, the cricket end table, and the storage chest of drawers, bring in a little bit of country to this seaside cottage.  Tasteful coral, seashell, and sea glass accessories sprinkle the walls and surfaces to quietly reference the home’s natural surroundings.

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