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June 2014

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Design Tip: Beadboard Paneling

This beautiful cottage style bedroom is a perfect example of how beadboard can really make a statement. The stunning blue paint on the walls really emphasizes the horizontal beadboard wall covering, and brings a whole new level of charisma to the space. You will also notice that the beadboard is used on the ceiling as well. A small, but important, design detail in using multiple beadboard surfaces is to switch up the sizing of the panels as well as the direction that they run. The ceiling slats are smaller and positioned vertically, and the wall slats are slightly larger and positioned horizontally. This helps to break up any monotony or over-stimulation you might feel if the beadboard was the same everywhere.

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Rooms to Love: Celebrating Color #cottagestyle #cottagelivingrooms #boldcolorschemes #cottagefurniture #cottagesofas
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Rooms to Love: Celebrating Color

As fresh and vibrant as a summer garden, this cottage living room is a kaleidoscope of color and irresistible personality. The cathedral ceiling, with the exposed timber frame, is an amazing architectural detail that contributes to the overall cottage appeal, while the bright furnishings provide a modern twist.

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Get The Look: Darling Cottage Decor
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Get the Look: Darling Cottage Decor

It is easy to fall in love with this charming cottage style living room! Quintessential cottage decor takes center stage here, from the casual white slipcovered sofa to the distressed painted furniture, it is an adorable and unique look. The beauty of cottage and country style decor is that it is easy to mix and match to create a space that reflects everything you love. The more eclectic, the better.

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The Distinctive Cottage | Staff Pink: Lynne's Laundry Room
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Staff Pick: Lynne’s Laundry Room

The Lake Pontchartrain Cabinet is an organizer’s dream, offering endless storage in a stylish way. The large bins are perfect for off season table and bed linens, while the drawers are small enough to house sewing needles, thread, and button jars. And everyone needs a place to fold laundry! The sky blue console table is the perfect size to properly spread out and fold piles of laundry. This piece also has shelves that are big enough to nicely fit baskets for additional storage.

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Color Board: Seaglass
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Color Board: Sea Glass

Any home can become a coastal retreat by incorporating these vivid blues and greens. By mixing and matching sea glass tones, it’s easy to create a lively and energetic scheme with a unique layered look. The awesome round rug is a fantastic jumping off point to help build a fun and cheerful space. Reminiscent of the sparkling sea, these hues are sure to be as alluring in your home as they are on the coastal shores.

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