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October 2014

Color Board: Embracing Autumn #cottagedecor #rusticstyle #warmcolors
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Color Board: Embracing Autumn

This time of year you want your cottage home to be a retreat from the chilly air outside.  We recommend introducing copper, persimmon, and golds into your decor to create a strong sense of warmth and comfort.  The featured rug boasts a variety of golds and rusts, and is a great jumping off point for an inviting palette.  We suggest a mixture of soft solids, relaxed linens, and weathered leather for a texturally interesting combination. Color Board: Embracing Autumn#cottagedecor #rusticstyle #warmcolors

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Rooms To Love: Cottage Sleeping Porch #cottageporch #cottagestyle #rusticstyle #cottagebedrooms
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Rooms To Love: Cottage Sleeping Porch

Gorgeous! Absolutely breathtaking cottage cabin! What a wonderful way to wake up every morning, by gazing outside your floor to ceiling wrap around windows out to the tree tops. Not ready to wake up bright and early with the sun? Just draw back the thick linen curtains for a cozy morning in bed. #cottageporch #cottagestyle #rusticstyle #cottagebedrooms

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Rooms To Love: Coastal Treasures #coastallivingroom #coastaldecor #beachhousedecorating #beachhousefurniture
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Rooms To Love: Coastal Treasures

The beautiful blend of blues makes this coastal style living room a cool and calming space. It may seem counter intuitive to put a sectional in a small space, but as you can see from this room, it can actually make it feel very inviting!! #coastallivingroom #coastaldecor #beachhousedecorating #beachhousefurniture

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Rooms To Love: Seaside Cottage Bedroom #seasidecottage #coastalbedroom #coastalstyle #seagreen #serenebedrooms
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Rooms To Love: Seaside Cottage Bedroom

We are in love with this tranquil beachy bedroom. At first glance it appears to be a simple and elegant bedroom, but looking deeper you see layers upon layers of texture! From the dyed seagrass wall covering to the thick woven carpet to the antiqued art work, this room is luscious with layers. #seasidecottage #coastalbedroom #coastalstyle #seagreen #serenebedrooms

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Top 5 Reasons to Use Barn Doors #contemporary #barndoors #designtip
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Top 5 Reasons to Use Barn Doors

When working with small spaces, as cottages often are, we are always looking for clever ways to save space. Using barn doors in lieu of traditional swing doors, not only offers a custom look to your home, but they save a tremendous amount of space! #cottagedecor #barndoors #DIY #designtip

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