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Cottage Bedroom Decorating 

Explore all our cottage bedroom decorating ideas to help you create a comfortable and colorful night time nest.  Cottage bedroom decorating posts include Inspiration Boards, Get the Look, Rooms to Love, Color Boards and Design Tips focused on ideas to help you to create the perfect bedroom.  All of our cottage decorating  posts include numerous sorting tags if you have a specific color or  decorating style you what to explore for your bedroom design.  Enjoy!

Rooms to Love: Nautical Mix Bedroom

Rooms to Love: Nautical Mix Bedroom #bluebedrooms #nauticaldecor #industrial

Rooms to Love: Nautical Industrial Bedroom #bluebedrooms #nauticaldecor #industrial
photo: Apartment Therapy

Ever want to embrace a trend — or maybe even a few — but you’re afraid to oversaturate your space with that look? Anything but overdone, this cottage bedroom showcases a mix of rarely-linked decor sensibilities — southwestern, industrial and nautical, interwoven with a hint of modern. Use of a unifying color scheme and a just a few key pieces from each style, along with some clever hybrid items, creates a unique and easy compatibility.

Sophisticated style choices coexist in this bedroom, yet it looks satisfyingly sparse and casual. Throw pillows with a simple chevron design bring to mind ship signal flags, but also fit with the area rug’s primitive stepped design. Equally at home in a harbor town tavern or an restored warehouse, the wood and rope chandelier bridges the room’s industrial and nautical elements. White and navy blue instantly conjures up a nautical vibe in this small coastal cottage bedroom, and with the colorway echoed in the Southwestern rug, the two styles are instantly reconciled. As a bonus, using a deep inky blue in a limited swath just behind the headboard creates a feeling of depth as the wall recedes under the sway of the dark color.

What’s your favorite style pairing?

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Get the Look: Barn Board Bedroom

Get The Look: Barn Board Bedroom #wickerbeds #aquas #cottagebedroom

Get The Look: Barn Board Bedroom #wickerbeds #aquas #cottagebedroom
photo: Casual Home Furnishings

1. Shoreline Throw Pillow, customizable, from $55  |  2. Tea Time Distressed White Table Lamp, 29.5″H, $300  |  3. Pemaquid 1 Drawer Nightstand, 30″H, shown in Shrimp, $775  |  4. Cottage Wicker Headboard, 54″H, shown in Pecan, from $715  |  5. Country Farm Harvest Bench, customizable, shown in Duck Egg, from $225

Breezy aqua barn board walls makes this cottage bedroom feel like a special hideaway right in your own home. A barn board backdrop can suit a fully rustic decor, or the slightly more refined habitat above created with framed botanical prints, fun striped pillows and candlestick lamps with fluted shades. We’re sharing some of our favorite Cottage Home pieces that can help you recreate this look and give you ideas to go in other directions.

The main attraction of this room is the Cottage Wicker Headboard, which mixes and matches with many other materials, and comes in twin, queen, full and king sizes. Available in over 400 fabric choices, our Shoreline Throw Pillow comes in both square and rectangular, and is perfect for porch, living room and bedroom accessorizing. Our go-anywhere Country Farm Harvest Bench is fully customizable, and is a handy piece to have in a guest bedroom. A part of our Country Farm Furniture Collection, it is available in 40 standard colors and 6 stains. Whether you’re attracted to beadboard or scalloped edges, these cottage-friendly options come together in the fully customizable Pemaquid 1 Drawer Nightstand. And the nightstand is a perfect place for the Tea Time Distressed White Table Lamp to perch.

Do you mix wicker and wood?

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Color Board: Scarlet Fever

Color Board: Scarlet Fever #reds #aqua #southwestern #lodge

Color Board: Scarlet Fever #reds #aqua #southwestern #lodge
1. Cottage RedCountry Classics Collection color option  |  2. Fort Apache Sandstone Hand Tufted Rug, various sizes, from $200.25  |  3. Elsinore-Tower Court Spa Indoor/Outdoor Rug, various sizes, from $110.25  |  4. Gava Red Clay Hand Tufted Rug, various sizes, from $222.75  |  5. Mountain Home Beige Hand Tufted Rug, various sizes, from $200.25  |  6. Civil Red Fabric, Grade F, 100% cotton, $85 per yard  |  7. Corey Herb Fabric, Grade A, polyester/nylon, $35 per yard

Scarlet red — a force to be reckoned with — does not have to dominate your cottage decor. Paired with the white painted furniture of a cottage dining room or the earthy tones of a lodge living room, this deep red punctuates the neutrality of a room in a powerful yet poised way. Incorporating scarlet can be as easy as adding red throw pillows to a white slipcovered sofa, a square red floral tablecloth diagonally over the center of a long planked farmhouse table, or a red painted end table next to a whitewashed coffee table. The red at the top left of our Color Board is one option for just such an end table from our Country Classics Collection, just one of our many furniture lines offering various styles of occasional tables.

Our featured scarlet-compatible wool rugs range from one with a solid, slightly rusty red background with a subtle and dainty border to two other boldly patterned rugs worked in many colors. Earthy colors such as mossy green and beige in the rug design, along with red, allows many color possibilities for accessories. A rug such as the 100% wool Fort Apache Sandstone Hand Tufted Rug lets you easily tie scarlet in with beige, pale aqua, indigo or even a brownish green. The solid and striped fabrics we have pictured from our Shoreline Slipcovered Fabric Collection are just two possible accompaniments to go with the overall color scheme.

How do you tie red into your cottage decor?

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Get the Look: Iron Kissed

Get The Look: Iron Kissed #vintageironbeds #whitebedrooms #cottagebedroom

Get The Look: Iron Kissed #vintageironbeds #whitebeds #cottagebedroom
Photo: Slaapkamer Inrichting

1. Milano Large Chandelier, smaller size available, $2,440 | 2. Tea Time Canvas Gicleevarious sizes, from $245 | 3. Mead Cabinet36″W x 13″D x 36″H, customizable, $895 | 4. Claudia Iron Bedvarious sizes, from $1,485 (twin) | 5. Smith’s Point Upholstered Ottoman, two sizes available, from $735

Recreate the quaint luxury of an old country inn with a mix of white cottage furniture and billowy floral accents, as well as elegant silhouettes along with distressed touches. The star of this cottage bedroom is the Claudia Iron Bed, adding a one-of-a-kind charm with its antique styling and custom castings and finials. Available in over 25 styles, our vintage iron beds come in 35 paint color choices and have options for distressing.

A solid companion to the iron bed, the Mead Cabinet comes in over 40 colors and varied levels of distressing. The Smith’s Point Upholstered Ottoman comes in over 400 fabric choices and several leg finishes and provides a handy bench at the foot of the bed on which to sit or stow clothing. Topping off the stylish ensemble is a wrought iron Milano Large Chandelier with crystal pendants. The Tea Time Canvas Giclee graces the wall behind the chandelier with a colorful bouquet, and is just one of many other florals in our canvas giclee wall art collection.

Where is your favorite country inn?

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Rooms to Love: Wharf Speed

Rooms to Love: Wharf Speed #beachcottage #rusticcottage

Rooms to Love: Wharf Speed #beachcottage #rusticcottage
Photo: Coco & Kelley

Amazingly airy and welcoming, this restored oceanfront cottage was once used by Cape Cod fisherman as a storehouse for bait and fishing equipment. Perched upon a wharf with direct views of the Atlantic, this cabin disarmingly blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Weathered floor boards and salty, exposed timbers, along with several points of access to the outside, all give a sense of freedom and connection with the sunshine as well as shelter if bad weather happens to blow in.

A large part of the charm of this space is, of course, its ocean view – not an option for all of us! But other elements that add to the carefree comfort are possible to replicate in your own home. Combine pieces with weighty permanence such as well-worn leather club armchairs with breezy antique rattan and wicker chairs. Natural wood and woven textiles are key, but also add doses of seaside hues like teal, ink and royal. White semi-sheer drapes let in light and create a sense of transcending boundaries. In fact, any little touch that will help you capture the feeling of a permanent vacation is worth incorporating.

Do you have a room that is a lot like the outdoors?

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Get the Look: Vintage Rustic Bedroom

Get The Look: Vintage Rustic Bedroom #ironsbeds #rusticcottage #cottagebedroom

Get The Look: Vintage Rustic Bedroom #ironsbeds #rusticcottage #cottagebedroom

Inspiration Image: Better Homes & Gardens

1. Fiona Small Chandelier, 27″D x 33″H,  $1,400  |  2. Eva Iron Bed, Vintage Iron Bed Collection, shown in Vintage Beige, starting at $1,845, 35 standard finishes, available in all standard sizes  |  3. Barn Wood Plank Top Bench, 18-19″H, custom widths and lengths, starting at $495, available in 6 stain finishes and 42 standard paint colors

Home is where the heart is… or at least where the comfy bed is. The relaxed elegance of this rustic cottage bedroom, created by mingling the elegant with the familiar, could fuel a hearty homesickness in any traveler. Who wouldn’t want to hurry back to this tranquil chateau-inspired bedroom with its sturdy yet lacy iron bed and profusion of pillows and soft flounces?

Basing our Get the Look on a Better Homes and Gardens page for English country style, we have highlighted here a few Cottage Home pieces that will nicely match the overall feel. Aged to perfection, the Eva Iron Bed is only one of a large collection of our Vintage Iron Beds. The bed is available in 35 various standard finishes, some distressed, with classic castings. The slender chandelier with some crystal bling is the Fiona Small Chandelier. This piece is in wrought iron and makes a demure yet dazzling impression. The rustic Barn Wood Plank Top Bench in reclaimed barn wood is a perfect touch for this cottage bedroom and can be customized in length as well as varying widths. Stained or painted, this bench will become an heirloom.

Do you miss your bed the most when away from home?

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Rooms to Love: Lean and Green

Rooms to Love: Lean And Green #convertedporch #beachhousebedroom #coastalstyle

Rooms to Love: Lean And Green, #covertedporch #beachhousebedroom #coastalstyle http://thedistinctivecottage.comphoto:

Working with a whitewashed canvas is a great way to clear the palate after a diet of wintry darkness. Reinvent your decor for the upcoming spring with splashes of cheery color, like leaf green, against white walls, white floors and even a white bedspread. Remember to experiment: the fresh bedroom cottage look shown above can be created with white plus any color, from aqua to tangerine to goldenrod.

This beachy cottage bedroom was once an enclosed porch, and now looks like a Hemingway-esque retreat. Leaf green textiles, bold wall art, and the large palm frond on the dresser help create a tropical feel. The old weathered bench at the foot of the bed is a twist on the usual hope chest, and invites one to lounge. Painted cottage nightstands, one in green and one in white, add a playful touch. We offer a similar customizable end table (Country Farm Classic End Table) in a variety of colors and stains, as well as apron and leg styles.

Is spring your favorite season?

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Color Board: Aqua Vie

Color Board: Aqua Vie #aquas #cottagerugs #blues #citrusgreen

Color Board: Aqua Vie #aquas #cottagerugs #blues #citrusgreen

1. Ferngully Indigo Fabric (E) $75/yd Shoreline Slipcovered Furniture   |   2. Basket Parrot Fabric (D) $65/yd Shoreline Slipcovered Furniture     3. Junoon Cumin Fabric (G) $95/yd Shoreline Slipcovered Furniture   |   4. Constant Aquatic Fabric (C) $55/yd Shoreline Slipcovered Furniture   5. Prism Hand Knotted Jute Rug  5′ x 8′ $846  |  6. Allure Ink Fabric (C) $55/yd Shoreline Slipcovered Furniture  |  7. Avocado over Barn Paint Rubbed & Glazed, Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture  |  8. Aquinnah Woven Cotton Rug 6′ x 9′ $223

The lull between the holidays and the first signs of spring can set the mind wandering to warmer climes and bright colors. In lieu of an island getaway, create an atmosphere of deep ocean waters and beachside margaritas with aqua, indigo and citrus green touches. Adding an occasional table in Avocado over Barn Paint or an area rug like the bold Prism Hand Knotted Jute Rug will instantly change your wintry frame of mind.

Ramp up the color with tropically bright fabrics, paint and rugs, or choose to combine brights with neutrals, as in our versatile 100% cotton Aquinnah Woven Cotton Rug.  Our featured Shoreline Slipcovered Furniture fabric, Ferngully Indigo Fabric, offers a beautiful natural pattern in a carefree and breezy linen/cotton blend.

Which island do you dream of visiting?

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Rooms to Love: Luxurious Lodge Bedroom

Rooms to Love: Luxurious Lodge Bedroom #lodgestyle #lodgebedroom #lakehousestyle #lakehousebedroom #lodgedecr

Rooms to Love: Luxurious Lodge Bedroom #lodgestyle #lodgebedroom #lakehousestyle #lakehousebedroom #lodgedecor http://thedistinctivecottage.comImage: Decoholic Interior Design

Today’s Rooms to Love is a beautiful example of how warm and cozy lodge style homes can be with the right decor.  Large exposed beams and stone fireplaces are quintessential features in lodge style homes, and as beautiful as these natural elements are, they can pose a design challenge in the bedroom.  

In order to soften this robust space, textiles were used wherever possible.  Thick cushions, plush pillows, and luxurious blankets drape the bed and corner bench, providing irresistible places to lounge.  But the most important textile for this space is the almost-wall-to-wall rug, not only because of the beautiful neutral colors, but the large size.  We don’t normally root for hiding wood floors, but in this case it is the right design decision.  The space has so much exposed wood that hiding the dark floors with the rug balances the overall feel of the space. 

If this was your home, would you change the wall color or keep it mossy green?

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Rooms to Love: Coastal Style Retreat

Rooms to Love: Coastal Style Retreat #cottagebedroom #coastalbedroom #airybedroom #coastalstylefurniture

Rooms to Love: Cottage Style Retreat #cottagebedroom #coastalbedroom #airybedroom #coastalstylefurniture
Inspiration Image: My Domaine

This beautiful seaside bedroom is just one room in a stunning Newport Beach residence, click here to see the full house tour. The home features grey-washed floors, crisp white painted walls, and barn wood beams for a touch of rustic elegance. The bedroom combines ocean inspired colors like seagreen, dusty blue, and sand, that embody the feeling of a soft sea breeze. Billowing sheer curtains wrap around the canopy bed for an elegant and dramatic focal point. And think this room is a coastal style retreat?  You need to see the amazing bathroom featuring a clawfoot tub and huge glassed-in shower!

What is your favorite ocean inspired element in this beautiful bedroom?

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