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Cottage style decorating is casual, colorful and comfortable.  Painted furniture,  slipcovered sofas,  reclaimed wood tables,  bright fabrics,  wicker chairs and striped rugs are all part of cottage style decorating.  We have collected all of our cottage style decorating posts in one place including Color Boards, Rooms to Love, Get the Look, Inspiration Boards and Design Tips to help you develop your cottage decorating design ideas.  All of the posts include sorting tags if you need to focus on a color or need decorating ideas for a specific cottage room.  Enjoy browsing!

Sunny Master Bedroom
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Rooms To Love: Sunny Master Bedroom

The yellow and white in this beautiful cottage master bedroom ensure this room will always be bright and cheerful. The furniture in this room is arranged for the greatest maximum use of the space with a sleeping space, work space, lounging area, and, since we are betting there is a TV hidden in the pine armoire, an entertainment area! Not to mention the fabulous vaulted ceilings and fantastic view. . .

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Color Board: Reds, Greens & Blues
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Color Board: Reds, Greens & Blues

With so many colors to choose from, the design schemes are endless! A pop of red on an accent chair, a deep blue cabinet, funky green lamps – what would you choose? Our Reds, Greens and Blues color board is sure to inspire you and your home. #colorboard #red #aqua #green #cottagestyle

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Inspiration Board: Shades of Green

Green is often used like a neutral color to balance a room since certain shades of green, such as soft sage, can go with almost any other color. How can you overlook Mother Nature’s use of color as a source of inspiration? Green has also said to have meditative qualities. #cottagefurniture #decoratingwithgreen #inspirationboards #cottagestyle

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