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Use our country decorating ideas to generate the warm and cozy feeling of a beautiful country farm. All of our country style decorating posts are sorted by Color Boards, Rooms to Love, Inspiration Boards, Get the Look and Design Tips to help you with ideas for your specific design project. If you have a target color in mind or are decorating a specific country room all of these country decorating articles can be sorted by the tags listed below each article.  We are interested in your feedback.  Please let us know which posts you like the most and subjects you would like us to cover in the future.

Rooms To Love: Country Christmas Dining #countrystyle #countrychristmas #farmhousechristmas #countrydiningroom
Country, Dining, Rooms To Love

Rooms To Love: Country Christmas Dining

Layers of white makes this cottage dining room a winter wonderland! The small spruce wreaths are an adorable accent that give a personalized touch to each seat, and probably makes the room smell like a fresh cut Christmas tree. Vintage country accents, like the porcelain dishes and seltzer bottles, are spread throughout the space for a charming decor style. #countrystyle #countrychristmas #farmhousechristmas #countrydiningroom

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Rooms to Love: Farmhouse Family Room #farmhousestyle #farmhouse decor #farmhouselivingrooms #cottagedecor //
Cottage Style, Country, Living, Rooms To Love

Rooms to Love: Farmhouse Family Room

The rich mahogany stained floors and the vaulted ceilings create a dramatic impact in this farmhouse style living room. The navy striped rug lays the foundation for the simple design scheme, and it anchors the living room furniture in the large space. #farmhousestyle #farmhousedecor #farmhouselivingrooms #cottagedecor //

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Style Board: Cottage Upholstery #slipcoveredfurniture #slipcoveredsofas #cottageupholsteredfurniture #cottagefurniture
Coastal, Color Boards, Cottage Style, Cottage Style, Country, Living, Lodge & Lake House

Style Board: Cottage Upholstery

Out with the old decorating notion that all upholstered forms need to match. Once you let that idea go, furniture shopping gets a whole lot easier. Finding the right pieces for your home should be dictated by comfort, style, and color, and in today’s industry there is something for everyone. #slipcoveredfurniture #slipcoveredsofas #cottageupholsteredfurniture #cottagefurniture

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Rooms To Love: Christmas Country Living #christmasdecorating #christmaslivingroom #countrychristmas #farmhousechristmas
Country, Dining, Living, Rooms To Love

Rooms To Love: Christmas Country Living

The holidays have arrived at this beautiful country style home. The vaulted ceilings provide plenty of space for the huge Christmas tree that is adorned with white lights, colorful ornaments and a metal star as the finishing touch. The tree stands center stage in the home and can be enjoyed by family and guests from almost any room. There is nothing prettier than the warm glow the tree bestows for the perfect holiday ambiance. #christmasdecorating #christmaslivingroom #countrychristmas #farmhousechristmas

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Design Tip: Sizing & Hanging Chandeliers #chandeliers #cottagechandeliers #cottagelighting #coastalchandeliers #designtip
Coastal, Cottage Style, Country, Design, Dining, Entryways, Lodge & Lake House

Design Tip: Sizing and Hanging Chandeliers

Chandeliers are an important design element in the home that bring both fashion and function to a space. Lighting defines and accentuates the ambiance you want to create in your home by creating either a soft and relaxing space, or a bright and productive space. Just like colors, the lighting you choose for a space can drastically affect the way you feel, see, and perform tasks in a room. #chandeliers #cottagechandeliers #cottagelighting #coastalchandeliers #designtip

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Design Guide: Bed Frames #designguides #cottagefurniture #beds #bedroomfurniture
Bedrooms, Coastal, Cottage Style, Country, Design, Lodge & Lake House

Design Guide: Bed Frame Sizes

Widths and lengths for common mattresses and support systems are highly standardized within the United States and Canada. However, mattress heights are not standard and will vary by style, manufacturer, and design. Mattresses in Europe and Asia also have different standard sizes. Bed frames for mattresses and support systems consist of a headboard, footboard, two side rails and a slat package. Center supports are included in full, queen, and king slat systems. Bed frames are designed to support standard mattress sizes. Final bed size depends on the specific bed’s design. #designguides #cottagefurniture #beds #bedroomfurniture

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Get The Look: Farmhouse Dining Room #farmhousetable #farmhousediningroom #farmhousekitchen #barnwoodtable #farmhousestyle
Country, Dining, Get The Look

Get The Look: Farmhouse Dining Room

This 19th century New York country style farmhouse is a blend of old and new. The wide plank pine floorboards are beautifully finished in tung oil for a natural look that provides so much warmth to the space. The dining set is in lieu of a traditional island and really brings out the true farmhouse style of the space. Ladderback dining chairs are a quintessential element and painting them black creates such a stunning look. Look here for more photos of this artfully restored home! #farmhousetable #farmhousediningroom #farmhousekitchen #barnwoodtable #farmhousestyle

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Rooms To Love: Thanksgiving Dining Room #cottagediningroom #countrydiningroom #thanksgiving #falldecor
Cottage Style, Country, Dining, Rooms To Love

Rooms To Love: Thanksgiving Dining Room

This Thanksgiving spread is simple, elegant and one of our all time favorite cottage inspired dining rooms! Pale yellow, mint green, and shades of cream create a soothing atmosphere for what can be a very hectic day! The arrangement of pumpkins, gourds and dried flowers add a touch of fall, but in a beautifully elegant way that keeps the look simple and sweet. #cottagediningroom #countrydiningroom #thanksgiving #falldecor

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