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Cottage Style Inspiration Boards

Cottage Style Inspiration Boards or cottage decorating idea boards present a coordinated plan of colors, fabrics, rugs and products targeted at a specific cottage room or cottage style interior design challenge. Many of these Inspiration Boards were developed for successful cottage decorating projects. Each cottage decorating idea board includes dimensions, specification, colors, fabrics and costs for each individual product. Sorting tags are included on each inspiration post to allow focusing on a specific color, room or cottage decorating style. Questions? Feel free to call our Inspiration Board designers for color samples.

Inspiration Board: Earth and Sea

Inspiration Board: Earth and Sea #wickerfurniture #aquablue #juterugs

Inspiration Board: Earth and Sea  #wickerfurniture #aquablue #juterugs
1. Mystic Seaport Canvas Giclee, 30″ x 30″ (other sizes available), $245,  |  2. Green Crackle Porcelain Table Lamp$310, 31″H  |  3. Cottage Wicker Rattan Writing Desk36″L x 20″W x 33.5″H, shown in Pecan (25 color options), $925  |  4. Cottage Wicker Rattan Club Chair, 25″W x 26″D x 32.5″H, shown in Pecan (25 color options), $535  |  5. Zagora Jute Hand Knotted Rug5′ x 8′ (other sizes available), $936  |  6. Myrtle Leather Ottoman, 20″W x 20″D x 14″H (larger size available), shown in Echo Turquoise (several color options), $835

Wicker furniture and natural fiber rugs are the key to a summery feel, whether placed in your office, den or porch. The honeyed tones of rattan and bleached sand of jute can instantly create an uplifting tropical environment within your home. And besides simply being pretty, added accessories in green and blue sea hues balance the basic earthy palette with an aquatic coolness.

Available in many sizes, the Zagora Jute Hand Knotted Rug has a tribal vibe in chocolate brown and contrasting lighter jute. We built this fun room around this natural rug, introducing rattan pieces such as the oversized Cottage Wicker Rattan Club Chair and the compact Cottage Wicker Rattan Writing Desk. This versatile wicker furniture can be used in many different rooms, and for several uses (we thought the desk looked equally well as a table for the Green Crackle Porcelain Table Lamp). Splashes of aqua found in the Mystic Seaport Canvas Giclee and the deep turquoise of the fetching Myrtle Leather Ottoman complete the earth and sea look.

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Inspiration Board: Wonderful Wicker

Inspiration Board: Wicker License #wickerfurniture #armchair #earthtones

Inspiration Board: Wonderful Wicker #wickerfurniture #armchair #earthtones
1. Countryside Pendant, 24″H, $710,  |  2. Wormwood Mirror, $54, Red or Light  |  3. Outer Banks Wicker Chair, 31″W x 30.5″D x 40″H, shown in Colonial Red (25 color options) , cushion optional, $670  |  4. Amber Crackle Glass Table Lamp, 28″H, $235  |  5. Cottage Wicker Hexagonal Table, 29.5″L x 25.5″W x 29.5″H, shown in Pecan (25 color options), $530  |  6. Northport Chair, 30″W x 29″D x 35″H, shown in Black with stained cane (26 color options), $1,905  |  7. Tweed Stripe Woven Wool Rug,   5′ x 8′, $518

Wicker furniture and accessories bridge the gap between rustic and polished, winter and summer, earthy and formal. Wicker can be painted any color or left in its natural state. It is a year-round favorite that you can mix and match with many other styles, including woodsy lodge decor, cottage painted furniture and pieces with natural fiber details. Wicker is not just for the porch anymore.

The Tweed Stripe Woven Wool Rug in taupe, tan, cinnamon, rust red and apricot is in a sturdy blend of wool, jute and cotton. Tying together the many pieces pictured above, including the Cottage Wicker Hexagonal Table and the Outer Banks Wicker Chair, the rug is available in several sizes. Even the refined Northport Chair in painted alder wood works with the wicker pieces due to its stained cane side panels. The stylish rattan Countryside Pendant light, the Wormwood Mirror and the Amber Crackle Glass Table Lamp add extra options for you to complete your look, in whichever direction you want to take it.

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Inspiration Board: Rustic Chic Dining

Inspiration Board: Rustic Chic Dining #cottagedecor #rusticfurniture #inkbluedecor #cottagestyle

Inspiration Board: Rustic Chic Dining #cottagedecor #rusticfurniture #inkbluedecor #cottagestyle
1. Shoreline Cottage Style Fabrics: Riya Red Fabric, $85 per yard  |  2. Summer House Cottage Style Fabrics: Epic Navy, Grade 8, Suggested for the Parsons Side Chair  |  3. Large Ava Chandelier, 35″ Rnd x 55″ H, $1,940  |  4. Benjamin Moore Paint Color Shy Cherry #2007-20  |  5. Elizabeth Upholstered Parson’s Chair22″W x 26″D x 40.5″H, Seat: 17.5″D x 20″H, As Shown: Standard Cushion, Fruitwood Leg Finish, Fabric Grade 8, Upholstered in Epic Navy Fabric, $725  |  6. Twilight Rug, 100% Wool, Available in several sizes, As Shown: 8 x 10, $2,445  |  7. Old Pine Malt Leg Table, Customizable, As Shown: 72″L x 38″W x 30″H, Rectangular, 1″ Thick Reclaimed Wood Top, No Breadboard, Medium Brown Wax Finish, $1,550

Trying to pull together a rustic chic look for your dining room?  Look no further than today’s Inspiration Board!  We pulled together our favorite rustic reclaimed wood furniture pieces, like the old wood table and tear drop chandelier, to set the tone for an all natural style.  To introduce color into the space, we chose a warm cherry red for the wall color and suggest using the amazing tapestry style fabric called Riya Red for curtains.  This fabric is a soft linen blend and would be a perfect complement to the ink blue modern rug!  To tie the space together, and ensure top comfort while dining, we suggest the Elizabeth Parson’s chair upholstered in the dark ink blue fabric called Epic Navy.  

The pieces we chose are not only stylish, but family friendly and practical too.  The table has a waxed finish for easy care, and the Epic Navy fabric we suggest for the chairs is stain resistant.  Bring on the big family dinners in this low maintenance dining room!

Do you like mixing rustic and modern pieces in your home?

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Inspiration Board: Cottage Style Study

Inspiration Board: Cottage Style Study #cottagedecor #cottagestyleoffice #cottagestudy

Inspiration Board: Cottage Style Study #cottagedecor #cottagestyleoffice #cottagestudy
1. Santa Cruz Leather Chair32″W x 40″D x 41″H, As Shown: Madison Melon Grade 9 Leather, Standard Cushions, Java Finish Leg, $3,240  |  2. Santa Cruz Ottoman28″W x 21″D x 17.5″H, As Shown: Cowboy Saddle Grade 7 Leather, Same Welt, Small Pewter Nailhead, Java Finish Leg, $1, 135  |  3. Tea Caddy Table Lamp, 32″H, $420  |  4. White Elegance Canvas, 36″ x 36″, $290  |  5. Southhampton Entertainment Console66″W x 21″D x 30″H, As Shown: Stony Brook Knobs, Black, Extra Rub/Distressing, $2,225  |  6. Boucle Woven Wool Rug, 85% Wool/8% Polyester/5% Nylon/2% Other, As Shown: 5 x 8, $728

Today’s cottage study Inspiration Board was put together with comfort and style in mind. The pieces we chose are ideal for creating a relaxed place to work that still provides a refined style. Who needs a desk when you can kick up your feet and work from your laptop in this amazingly comfortable leather chair and ottoman?!

Whether you need storage for office components, like a printer or fax, or books, the open and closed storage options found in the entertainment console are there for you. We selected a painted black finish on the console for a high contrast to the intense cinnamon color leather on the chair. To bring the colors and style of the space together, we chose a plaid designed woven rug, which is super cozy on the toes, and provides that sophisticated look we wanted.

Click on any of the descriptions above to learn more about each cottage style product!

Brought to you by Cottage Home – distinctive cottage furniture & farmhouse tables

Inspiration Board: Cottage Kid’s Room

Inspiration Board: Cottage Kid's Room #colorfulcottagedecor #cottagedecor #cottagebedroom

Inspiration Board: Cottage Kid's Room #colorfulcottagedecor #cottagedecor #cottagebedroom

1. Charleston Bed, customizable, As Shown: Twin, Standard Footboard, All Painted, Color: Sunshine, $1,865  |  2. Shipshape Table Lamp, 34″H, $560  |  3. Brentwood Dresser, customizable, As Shown: 42″W x 22″D x 42″H, All Painted, Color: Blueberry, $2,390  |  4.  Brindle Stripe Carnival Hand Knotted Rug,
5 x 8, $572

Designed with kids in mind, today’s Inspiration Board is filled with vibrant color and style. The focal point, and main source of incredible color, is a hand tufted wool rug, perfectly plush for long afternoons of play time. Building off of the bold palette, we chose sunshine yellow for the bed and blueberry blue for the dresser. Both colors are happy and playful to provide the right amount of creative stimulation that every kid needs. 

To learn more about any of the stylish pieces featured in today’s post, click on the links above.

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Inspiration Board: Farmhouse Kitchen

Inspiration Board: Farmhouse Kitchen #countrydecor #cottagedecor #countrykitchen #cottagekitchen #farmhousedecor #farmhouse style

Inspiration Board: Farmhouse Kitchen #countrydecor #cottagedecor #countrykitchen #cottagekitchen #farmhousedecor #farmhouse style

1. Brushed Nickel Pendant, 12-108″H (Adjustable) x 12″W, $580 each  |  2. Cottage Style Wall Decor, Redding Clock, Please call for details  |  3. Orleans Side Chair, 21″W x 19″D x 38″H. Seat: 16″D, As Shown: Maple Wood, Rush Seat, Painted Blackberry, Light Rub/Distressed Finish  |  4. Sebago Lake Hutch, 47″W x 22.25″D x 85″H, As Shown: Standard Dimensions, Flat Panel Back, Screen Mesh Doors, Standard Metal Hinges, Metal Pulls, Wood Knobs, Painted Four Leaf, Medium Rub/Glaze/Distressed Finish  |  5. Moosehead Lake Trestle Table, Customizable, As Shown: 60″L x 36″W x 30″H, Standard 1″ Top, Painted Linen, Light Rub/Glaze/Distressed Finish  |  6. Black Iola Vinyl Floor Cloth, Available in Several Sizes, As Shown: 70″ x 110″, $655

Have you seen our vinyl floor cloths yet? They come in so many colors & patterns and are the perfect accessory for your cottage style decor. For today’s Inspiration Board, we chose the classic white and ivory checker pattern to set the tone for this farmhouse kitchen. The trestle table is the perfect design for a banquette seating area, because the slender base makes it easy to get in and around the feet. For additional seating we recommend the Orleans chair with rush seats, and painted black for contrast against the ivory table. To add storage space, and a splash of color in the black and white motif, we chose the Seabago Lake Hutch, painted in a rustic finish for that farmhouse style charm.

What is your favorite farmhouse piece in today’s Inspiration Board?

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Inspiration Board: Farmhouse Style Bedroom

Inspiration Board: Farmhouse Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #farmhousestyle #farmhousefurniture #cottagedecor #cottagefurniture

Inspiration Board: Farmhouse Style Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #farmhousestyle #farmhousefurniture #cottagedecor #cottagefurniture
1. Beaufort Upholstered Accent Chair, 33″W x 33″D x 40″H, As Shown: Standard Cushion, Fruitwood Leg Finish, Discontinued Fabric, Starts at $1,420  |  2. Crimson Poppies Canvas Giclee Prints, Set of 2, Available in other sizes, As Shown: 24 x 24, $360  |  3.  Country Farm Lingerie Chest, Available in custom sizes, As Shown: 27″W x 19″D x 62″H. 6 Drawers, Poplar Wood, Scroll Base, Painted Two Color Rub, Medium Rub and Distressing, Aquamarine over Tomato, $1,480  |  4. Carolina Beach Slat Bed, As Shown: Twin, Painted Classic Red, $1,810  |  5. Saranac Woven Cotton Rug, 100% Cotton, As Shown: 6 x 9, $223

Today’s Inspiration Board is a blend of red and teal pieces we put together to create this farmhouse style bedroom. People often ask us how much rubbing and distressing they should do on their custom painted furniture? The level of paint that is worn away really depends on what kind of look you want. If you want to achieve a country farmhouse look, than go with a medium rub finish, like we have shown on the lingerie chest. We wore away a fair amount of the aqua paint to expose the beautiful red underneath. On the other hand, if you want a clean look, go with a solid painted finish, like we have shown on the adorable slat bed. By using a combination of both weathered pieces and crisply painted pieces, we have achieved a blended farmhouse style with personality and grace.

Do you like using red and teal together in your home decor?

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Inspiration Board: Colorful Cottage Office

Inspiration Board: Colorful Cottage Office #cottagefurniture #cottageoffice #lime #cottagedecorating

Inspiration Board: Colorful Cottage Office #cottagefurniture #cottageoffice #lime #cottagedecorating
1. Small Fluting Table Lamp 28″H $537  |  2. Carolina Double Pedestal Desk customizations: 64″W x 25″D x 30″H, english beaded drawers, plantation shutter doors, keyboard pull-out tray, wood knobs, one color, china blue $2,270  |  3. Double X-Back Side Chair 19.5″W x 21.75″D x 41″H, wood seat, one color, pear $325  |  4. Hot House Spring Micro-Hooked Wool Rug 5′ x 8′ $530  |  5. Carolina 3 over 6 Bookcase customizations: 78″W x 14/22″D x 84″H, straight base, straight top, flat panel doors, raised panel drawers, ivory over palm with palm interior back $4,760

This colorful cottage office inspiration board puts a spring in our step!  Zesty lime, pear, china blue, grey and ivory mix and match beautifully between the painted furniture pieces, bold cottage rug, and silver mercury table lamp.  Who says work has to be boring?  Your productivity is sure to rise surrounded by all of these energetic colors.  Keep clutter out of site behind the closed doors of the bookcase, while the double pedestal desk hides your computer, keyboard, and cords.  As for the shelves, consider displaying a mix of your favorite reads and treasures.

Brought to you by Cottage Home – distinctive cottage furniture & farmhouse tables

Inspiration Board: Rustic Twig Porch

Inspiration Board: Rustic Twig Porch #rusticfurniture #countrydecor #countrystyle #countryfurniture #lodgestyle #lodgedecor #lodgefurniture

Inspiration Board: Rustic Lodge Style Porch #rusticfurniture #countrydecor #countrystyle #countryfurniture #lodgestyle #lodgedecor #lodgefurniture

1. Twig Dining Chair, 17″W x 16″D x 37″H, Shown As: Bishop Blue, $435  |  2. Large Forest Chandelier, 26″Round x 25″H, $1,190  |  3. Table for Two, 24″Round or 32″Round, Shown As: 24″Round, Walnut Stained Base with Moss Painted Top, $640  |  4. Forest Floor Hooked Pillow, 18″Square, $90  |  5. North Woods Cone Hooked Pillow, 18″ Square, $90  |  6. Swedish Rag Indoor/Outdoor Rug, 100% Polypropylene, 4 x 6, $148

This week’s inspiration board features one of our favorite types of furniture, the Rustic Twig Collection.  We love this lodge and lake house style collection for it’s au naturel beauty and the unique way it brings the outdoors in.  Furniture pieces are handmade from steam-bent hickory & oak, and each piece is a true part of American folk art.  This look would be perfect for a little cabin in the woods.  We highlighted an earthy palette of brown, blue, moss and black, with hints of red and orange for a real woodsy feel.  The twig chairs and table for two would be a perfect place to sit with your morning coffee and watch the beautiful summer sunrise!

What is your favorite earthy color from this palette?

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Inspiration Board: Cottage Style Entryway

Inspiration Board: Cottage Style Entryway #cottagestyle #entrywaydecor #casualdecor #coastalstyledecor #coastalstyle

Inspiration Board: Cottage Style Entryway #cottagestyle #entrywaydecor #casualdecor #coastalstyledecor #coastalstyle

1. Brooklyn Mirror, 31.”D, $320  |  2. Red Lake Console Table, customizable, as shown: 60″L x 20″D x 40″H, painted Lake Breeze, medium rub/glaze and distressing  |  3. French Country European Market Basket26.5″L x 20″W x 14″H, $145 and the French Country Loft Basket, 25″L x 15″W x 8″H +3″ handle, $110  |  4. Heritage Entry Cabinet Bench, customizable, as shown: 60″W x 68.25″H x 18.5″D, cup pull knobs, painted Antique White, standard distressing  |  5. Max Indoor Outdoor Rug, 100% Polypropylene, available in different sizes, 2’5″ x 8′ Runner, $236

The entryway is the first impression of your home and a great place to establish style.  This cottage style entryway exudes soft colors, organization, and simplicity for a casual lifestyle.  Providing places to hang coats, store shoes, and tuck away hats and mittens will reduce the chance of accumulating clutter and keep this heavily trafficked area neat.  We suggest the cabinet for hanging coats, the console table for your keys/wallets/phones, and the baskets stored underneath for hats and mittens!  We specifically chose a 100% polypropylene rug in darker colors to hide dirt and wear.  The two main furniture pieces are completely customizable so you can choose your own color palette to reflect your home’s personal style.

What are some of your tricks to keep the entryway neat?

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