Color Board: Purple Reign #purples #violet #lavender 1. Purple Soumak Wool Rug  4’x6′, $770 (other sizes available)    |    2. Quartz Stripe Woven Cotton Rug  4’x6′, $112 (other sizes available)    3. Purple Alhambra Vinyl Floor Cloth  5’x5′, $390 (other sizes available)   |   4. Ghent Thistle Fabric  (H), $110/yd  Shoreline Slipcovered Furniture   |    5. Phoebe Hand Tufted Rug  5′x8′, $1,195 (other sizes available)    |     6. Lavender Paint, Hamptons Furniture Collection           7. Clarence Indoor/Outdoor Rug  5’x8′, $493 (other sizes available)

Undeniably the color of royalty, purple makes an intense and lasting impression. Whether using or a little or a lot, you can add a measure of exoticism to your cottage or beach home decor. Add a purple painted piece of cottage furniture to your repertoire or choose from rich textiles drawing on lilac, plum and violet. Purple can be paired with flashy brights or whispery neutrals depending upon your taste.

Two rugs above are hand-woven in 100% wool: the Purple Soumak Wool Rug and the Phoebe Hand Tufted Rug. The soumak rug is perfect for formal areas while the Phoebe is a bit less reserved and plays purples against some bright tropical tones. The two striped rug selections are highly versatile: the Quartz Stripe Woven Cotton Rug is in a durable flat weave and the Clarence Indoor/Outdoor Rug is welcome in dining rooms and dens as well as mud rooms and patios. Another floor covering option in proud purple is the Purple Alhambra Vinyl Floor Cloth, available in custom sizes.

Do you have a passion for purple?

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