Country Style Color Palette | Color Board: Sage & Persimmon

Blending the warm tone of persimmon with the cool hues of sage and eucalyptus creates this complex color palette. The most interesting spaces tend to be those in which the colors are layered to create a multi-visual statement.  As long as the colors balance and complement one another, a space can be as layered as you like.  Here you see a well rounded country style color palette that is unique and tasteful.  It will bring interest and personality into the space with the spicy shades of persimmon and the serene hints of sage and eucalyptus.

Brought to you by Cottage Home – specializing in cottage furniture & farmhouse tables

Sage and Gold Flat Weave Rug Zander Cherry Zen Eucalyptus Zen Persimmon

Sage/Gold Flat Weave Zander Cherry Zen Eucalyptus Zen Persimmon

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