Design Tip: Layering Your Linens

As we hunker down for a long winter here in New England, we are reminded to prepare our beds for cozy sleeping.  Here are a few tips and inspiration photos for an inviting, warm, and easy to care for seasonal bed!

1) Choose a comfortable type of sheet set, because that is what your body will be predominately exposed to.  There are several kinds to choose from, but we prefer 100% cotton because there are no harsh chemicals found in cotton.  It is a hypoallergenic material, soft to the touch, and an environmentally friendly natural fiber.  It is also an easy to care for material, durable, and not prone to pesky static!

Design Tip: layering Your Lnens
photo: Pine Cone Hill

2) Choose a down comforter that is going to work well with the type of “sleeper” you are.  This refers to the temperature you keep your bedroom at, as well as how your body naturally regulates temperature throughout the night.  For people who are cold sleepers, meaning you tend to be chilly and require a lot of heat to maintain comfort, than it is suggested to choose a heavy weighted down filled comforter.  On the other hand, people who tend to be warm sleepers, meaning you tend to heat up or over-heat easily, than it is suggested to use a lighter weight down comforter.  Retailers all rate their products individually, and it is best to consult a sales professional when determining which of those retailers’ comforter level is best for you.

If you have any allergies to down fill, there are several synthetic comforters to choose from as a hypoallergenic alternative.  Some premium comforter retailers offer a synthetic down fill, which feels, warms, and clusters just like real down feathers.

Design Tip: Layering Your Linens
photo: Sarah Klassen

3) Choose a blanket to top your comforter that is going to be weighty enough to hold in the heat.  It is imperative to have this layer of blanket to trap in the heat below and keep you nice and toasty.  If you are a warm sleeper, and don’t need as much added warmth, than choose a blanket that has a more crocheted or basket weave where air can circulate through.

This layer is also where you can have fun with color and texture to make your bed’s personality shine.  Do you want a cool and classic color combination, or do you want a vibrant and bold graphic look? 

                   Design Tip: Layering your Linens
photo: Heirloom General                                                                           photo: Pinterest

4) Building off of your top blanket layer, you want to choose shams and decorative pillows that will play off of your color scheme.  There is no need to overdo the decorative pillows, and there is a reason they are called throw pillows!  Choose a practical number of extra pillows that you don’t mind tossing on and off the bed daily.

Design Tip: Layering Your Liens
photo: Tchochokes

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