Picture your family and friends gathered around the farmhouse dining table…the aroma of a stew simmering in the kitchen…the warmth of a crackling fire in the fireplace.  Reminiscent of simpler times, the farmhouse country style cottage has an old-fashioned aura that ranges from the romantic to the rustic.  With a distinctly Americana accent, décor might date back to early Colonial times or vintage early 20th Century.  It can be light and airy or warm and cozy.

The color palette tends toward more muted earth tones with splashes of bright color accents — deep blues, rich reds and sunshine yellow. All about comfort, rolled arm upholstered furniture and printed fabrics combine to create an inviting interior.  Borrowing a note from the past, the country cottage has distressed and rubbed painted wood surfaces, reclaimed wood furniture and spacious farmhouse tables.  Look for old-fashioned treasures and decorative accents – an iron bed, a creaky rocking chair, an old campaign chest, pitchers, baskets and pillows.  Fill your house with flowers from the garden.  Sit back and enjoy the view from your farmhouse porch, complete with traditional wicker country furniture.

Farmhouse Country Style | The Distinctive Cottage

Country Farm Jelly Cabinet

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