Feminine Sitting Room | Rooms To Love: Cool Pastels
Image: We Heart It

This feminine sitting room is a sweet medley of silvery gray, blush, icy blue, and metallic gold with an emphasis on soft textures and subtle lines.  The floral accents are threaded throughout and really accentuate the delicate nature of the space, while the plush pillows and feather stuffed bench cushion provide a cushy seating spot just for two.

The style is reminiscent of the quintessential “shabby chic”, with the floral prints and vintage flair, but it has a more tailored and modern twist to it.  The settee is upholstered versus slipcovered, which creates a more formal feel, and the wallpaper boasts a metallic finish for a pop of contemporary glamor.  A truly unique and beautifully decorated space.

Brought to you by Cottage Home – specializing in cottage furniture & farmhouse tables

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