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Rooms to Love: Victory Kitchen

Rooms to Love: Victory Kitchen #cottagekitchens #farmhousekitchen #barnboard #subwaytile

Rooms to Love: Victory Kitchen #cottagekitchen #barnboard #reclaimedwood
photo: Country Living

Today’s renewed interest in self-reliance through gardening means that your kitchen probably serves as a daily way station for fresh essential herbs, fruits, and veggies, en route from your modern victory garden to your dining table. Creating meals is more than enjoyable when your kitchen is light, bright, and trimly stocked with everything you need within handy reach. An inspirational kitchen like the one pictured here, which is big on function but small on space, is all the more impressive as it is actually part of a tiny 200 square foot home.

Through just a few simple style decisions – heavy reliance on white surfaces, use of extra windows and placement of open, accessible shelving rather than cabinetry – a seeming abundance of elbow room welcomes the eye. The mixed media walls, done in gleaming white subway tiles as well as both rustic, unfinished and painted white barn board, deftly create a hybrid farmhouse cottage kitchen. And the contrasting vibrant color of the produce and plants in almost every nook make the roomscape anything but a whitewash.

What’s your favorite food to grow at home?

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Rooms to Love: Sky (Blue) High

Rooms to Love: Sky (Blue) High #aquakitchen #scandinavian #farmhousetable

Rooms to Love: Sky (Blue) High #skybluekitchen #scandinavian #farmhousetable

Sky blue turns heads.  The color of the walls in this farmhouse kitchen play against white tile and cabinetry to energize the space in a quietly fresh way. Crisp and clean, this eat-in kitchen gives off an orderly confidence without looking contrived, a magical element of the Scandinavian style. Drawing from both traditional and modern styles, key architectural elements in this kitchen mesh without giving pause.

A gorgeous white antique enameled corner fireplace rules this cheery kitchen, where everything has its place, from the aqua pitcher and herbs to the incredibly mod pinecone lighting fixture.  The weathered farmhouse table grounds the area with its sturdy earthiness and ungrudgingly gives over the spotlight to the glitzy lamp. The shiny coat of white paint on the dining chairs furthers the kitchen’s signature lightness. The lesson here is to mix and match without fear, from antique with modern to linear with ornate, simply taking care to keep clutter out of the equation and to have fun.

Are you a fan of the Scandinavian style?

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Inspiration Board: Farmhouse Kitchen

Inspiration Board: Farmhouse Kitchen #countrydecor #cottagedecor #countrykitchen #cottagekitchen #farmhousedecor #farmhouse style

Inspiration Board: Farmhouse Kitchen #countrydecor #cottagedecor #countrykitchen #cottagekitchen #farmhousedecor #farmhouse style

1. Brushed Nickel Pendant, 12-108″H (Adjustable) x 12″W, $580 each  |  2. Cottage Style Wall Decor, Redding Clock, Please call for details  |  3. Orleans Side Chair, 21″W x 19″D x 38″H. Seat: 16″D, As Shown: Maple Wood, Rush Seat, Painted Blackberry, Light Rub/Distressed Finish  |  4. Sebago Lake Hutch, 47″W x 22.25″D x 85″H, As Shown: Standard Dimensions, Flat Panel Back, Screen Mesh Doors, Standard Metal Hinges, Metal Pulls, Wood Knobs, Painted Four Leaf, Medium Rub/Glaze/Distressed Finish  |  5. Moosehead Lake Trestle Table, Customizable, As Shown: 60″L x 36″W x 30″H, Standard 1″ Top, Painted Linen, Light Rub/Glaze/Distressed Finish  |  6. Black Iola Vinyl Floor Cloth, Available in Several Sizes, As Shown: 70″ x 110″, $655

Have you seen our vinyl floor cloths yet? They come in so many colors & patterns and are the perfect accessory for your cottage style decor. For today’s Inspiration Board, we chose the classic white and ivory checker pattern to set the tone for this farmhouse kitchen. The trestle table is the perfect design for a banquette seating area, because the slender base makes it easy to get in and around the feet. For additional seating we recommend the Orleans chair with rush seats, and painted black for contrast against the ivory table. To add storage space, and a splash of color in the black and white motif, we chose the Seabago Lake Hutch, painted in a rustic finish for that farmhouse style charm.

What is your favorite farmhouse piece in today’s Inspiration Board?

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Rooms to Love: Cozy Country Home

Rooms to Love: Cozy Country Home #countrydecor #cottagedecor #countrystyle #cottagestyle #farmhousedecor #farmhousestyle

Rooms to Love: Cozy Country Home #countrydecor #cottagedecor #countrystyle #cottagestyle #farmhousedecor #farmhousestyle thedistinctivecottage.comImage: Decoholic

This cozy country home has so much style in such a small space. Primitive country accents, including the needlepoint pillow, checkered drapes, and roughly painted end tables, are carefully arranged throughout the open concept family room for a homey, lived in feel.  The architecture in this home is a beautiful blend of old and new. Rustic elements, like the stone hearth, old pine flooring, and reclaimed wood loft blend seamlessly with polished elements, like the crisp kitchen cabinetry, and beadboard walls. A perfect concoction of new and old in this tiny country cabin.

What is your favorite primitive country accent?

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FAQ’s: Farmhouse Tables

FAQ's: Farmhouse Tables

Farmhouse Tables FAQs

The 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Farmhouse Tables

1. What size farmhouse table do I need?

The best dining table size for you depends on the number of people you want to accommodate, and the size of the room/area you have to work with.

Rectangular Tables (36″ – 42″ wide)

# of people seats comfortably workable
4 4ft  
6 6ft 5ft
8 8ft 7ft
10 10ft 9ft

Round Tables

# of people seats comfortably workable
4 48”R 42”R
6 60”R 54”R
8 72”R 66”R

Extensions can be added when additional seating is needed.

To determine the maximum table size for a room, it is best to plan a clearance of 36” around the table for chairs.  The minimum clearance is 27”, but this can feel tight.  For banquette applications, you should consider either a trestle or pedestal table to avoid seating interference with a table leg.

For additional information, please see our Dining Table Seating Guide.

2. What kind of wood is used to make a farmhouse table?

Farmhouse tables can be made out of a wide variety of woods.  The most popular are pine, old reclaimed pine, and cherry.  Final selection is usually a balance between appearance, durability, and cost.  Many people are concerned with the hardness of the wood as softer wood can be more susceptible to dings.  However, the harder the wood, the higher the cost – therefore, distressed tables have become increasingly popular.

A rough guide to the hardness of different woods:

New Pine 350-400
Poplar 550-600
Old Pine 650-700
Cherry 900-950
Maple 900-950
Oak 1250-1300

3. What is the most durable finish for the top of a farmhouse table?

Water Glass Test on Farmhouse TableA stained or painted finish with a clear top coat is the toughest, and most durable, surface for a farmhouse table top.  Water marks take longer to form, and, since most clear coats are water-based varnish, water marks will usually disappear when they dry.  The disadvantage to this finish is, if the surface is scratched, it will require professional repair to fix the damage.  Of course, if the table top is distressed to begin with, minor marks just increase the character of the table top and do not stand out.

Higher quality finishes usually include several coats of clear finish, and can be ordered with a lower gloss satin sheen, which looks great on a farmhouse table.

Regardless of the final finish, place mats, coasters, and hot pads are recommended for a wood table top to keep from creating water or heat marks on the surface.

4. Should I buy extensions for my farmhouse table?

Extensions are usually available for farmhouse tables, either center extensions or company board extensions, which designed to be inserted in the ends of the table.  To maintain to look of the long planks used to make traditional farmhouse tables, and to avoid a split in the table, company boards are the preferred extension option.

If extra seating is only needed once or twice a year, you may want to consider using spare tables to accommodate guests instead of investing in extensions. If you plan on entertaining often, extensions increase the size of your farmhouse table by 3ft, providing seating for everyone at the same table.

Farmhouse Table FAQs | Company Board Extensions

5. How do I care for my farmhouse table?

Place mats, coasters, and hot pads are recommended for daily use of a wood farmhouse table to keep from creating water or heat marks on the surface of the table top.

The top of your table is relatively easy to maintain.  Spills of cold liquids (juice, sodas, etc.) can be easily wiped with a damp cloth.  DO NOT USE HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS (Pledge, 409, etc.) on any wood farmhouse table top.   USE ONLY a damp cloth.  This is all you should have to use for the daily maintenance of your table.

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