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Rooms to Love: Lake House Cottage

Rooms to Love: Lake House Living Room #lakehousedecor #lakehousestyle #cottagedecor #cottagelivingroom

Rooms to Love: Lake House Cottage #lakehousedecor #lakehousestyle #cottagedecor #cottagelivingroom
Image: Country Living

We love this lake house cottage for it’s cozy, family-friendly ambiance! The L-shaped sectional is big enough for the whole family to enjoy movies, game night, or to warm up by the fire on a chilly night. It’s also made of indoor/outdoor materials, so it’s tough enough to stand up against wet bathing suits and spills, which is inevitable in this NH lake side cottage.

The built-in cubbies are essential for this small, 500 square foot cottage, and is a great way to tuck away items like blankets and baskets, but still keep them easily accessible for daily use. The homeowners did such a fantastic job creating decorative vignettes that gives this cottage a very unique style. Click here to see the before and after pictures of this trans-formative renovation.

Do you prefer open shelving, like the cubbies, for storage, or more closet space to hide things away?

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Inspiration Board: Lake Cabin Living

Inspiration Board: Lake Cabin Living #lakehouse #cabindecor #lakehouselivingroom #cabinliving #rusticdecor #lakecabinfurniture

Inspiration Board: Lake Cabin Living #lakehouse #cabindecor #lakehouselivingroom #cabinliving #rusticdecor #lakecabinfurniture
1. Schell Wall Clock 23.5″D $160  |  2. Clearwater Leather Sofa 83″W x 39″D x 40″H $4,715 & Lake House Lumbar Hooked Pillow 8″ x 24″ $50 |  3. Montana Stripe Woven Cotton Rug 8′ x 10′ $390  |  4. Rope Chicory Floor Lamp 63″H $595  |  5. Blue Mountain Coffee Table 44″L x 19″W x 18″H, old red $665  |  6. Blue Mountain Table 17″Sq x 29″H, apple top with blackberry base $530  |  7. Chesapeake Upholstered Accent Chair 32.5″W x 34.5″D x 45″H $1,495

This lake cabin living room is a little bit cottage, a little bit cabin, and a whole lot of comfortable!  The soft brown leather sofa is accentuated by the rustic earth tone striped rug and hickory bent twig coffee table and end table, while the tan stripe accent chairs add a bit of brightness to the area. A wood twist floor lamp and weathered wood clock complete the look.

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Rooms To Love: Rustic Lake House

Rooms To Love: Rustic Lake House #lakehouselivingroom #rusticstyle #leatherfurniture #lakehousedecor

Rooms To Love: Rustic Lake House #lakehouselivingroom #rusticstyle #leatherfurniture #lakehousedecor
Image: Country Living

This rustic lake house living room is completely worth swooning over!  A beautiful blend of suede, leather, stone, and reclaimed timbers makes this space feel warm, inviting, and just a little worn in.  The sofas and chairs are in perfect proportion to the large scaled room, and provide plenty of plush seating for family and friends.

The stone hearth definitely stands out as one of the main focal points, and we adore the simple wood mantel that adds another touch of rustic character to the room.  The built in pieces that flank the fireplace are each a little different in design, but still create a seamless look as they are the same height and color.  And it’s always nice to have both open and closed storage options in the family room.

Are you ready to move in?

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Get The Look: Lake House Living

Get The Look: Lake House Living #lakehousedecor #barnwoodtable #lakehouseliving #windsordiningchairs

Get The Look: Lake House Living Room #lakehousedecor #barnwoodtable #lakehouseliving

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Images: Southern Living

Countryside Pendant Country Farm Estate Dining Table Maine Windsor Arm Chair Breton Upholstered Sofa Green/Brown Soumak Wool Rug Old English Pine Victorian Coffee Table

1. Countryside Pendant $710 ea.  |  2. Country Farm Estate Dining Table customizations: 72″L x 36″W, golden top, blackberry base, medium rub/distressing $1,355  |  3. Maine Windsor Arm Chair $450  |  4. Breton Upholstered Sofa $2,385  |  5. Green/Brown Soumak Wool Rug 8′ x 10′ $2,465  | 6. Old English Pine Victorian Coffee Table customizations: 48″L x 48″W, light brown wax, two drawers $1,545

Rustic elements and classic silhouettes take center stage in this charming lake house living room and dining area.  Since this is an open concept floor plan, it is essential for the two spaces to flow and coordinate with one another.  Using consistent colors, tones, and styles helps to bring the whole look together.

The dining area is a simple and modest space that feels uncluttered and airy, while the living room feels a bit more cozy and relaxing. The living room also features a beautiful Persian rug, which brings in new colors and helps to define the living area. The style of this home is a graceful mix of rustic farmhouse accents and classic country design that some lucky person gets to call home!  Do you envision more art work on the walls if this was your home?  Or would you leave the exposed horizontal boards to shine on their own?

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Inspiration Board: Blue and Brown

Inspiration Board: Blue and Brown

Decorating with Blue and Brown | Inspiration Board: Blue and Brown

Flanders Tall Bookshelf 50″W x 16″D x 78″H, one tone painted, black, standard rub/distressing  |  Seagull Prints discontinued  |  Puget Sound Wicker Wing Chair 27″W x 24″D x 42″H, espresso $845  |  Blue & White Rug discontinued  |  Oyster Table Lamp 30″H $560  |  Destin Long Upholstered Sofa 98″W x 35″D x 34″H $2,430

Decorating with blue and brown is easy since they are a great complementing color combination. Bring in rustic undertones to your lodge or lake house with this inspiration board, while keeping your design in the modern era. With this wicker chair, one can either bring it indoors for a nontraditional look or keep outside on the porch overlooking the serene lake. Either way, this beautiful piece of wicker furniture would provide the extra seating needed for your Memorial Day gathering with the family. Don’t forget the details! The lamp, rug, and pictures add a small hint of color. 

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Inspiration Board: Green & Brown

Inspiration Board: Green and Brown

Decorating with Green and Brown | Inspiration Board: Green and Brown

Carolina Large Console Buffet & Hutch customizations: 68″W x 20″D x 86″H, arched top, flush drawers, wood knobs, two tone finish, ivory with palm back $4,460  |  Chartreuse Glass Wave Table Lamp 28″H $230  |  Breton Upholstered Sofa 82″W x 38″D x 36″H $2,260  |  Regatta Petite Slipcovered Accent Chair 27″W x 35″D x 35″H $925  |  Margarita Ticking Cotton Rug discontinued

We love decorating with green and brown, two of our favorite colors here at Cottage Home!  The neutral and earthy shade of chocolate allows for the green accent pieces to take the center stage and show their beauty.  Pairing the rich chocolate with green and white allows for sense of balance and tranquility to be created.  A simple horizontally striped rug and recycled glass wave table lamp give a living room or bedroom just the right amount of visual texture. 

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Carolina Large Console Buffet and Hutch Recycled Glass Wave Table Lamp Breton Summer House Upholstered Sofa Bristol Shoreline Slipcovered Accent Chairs

Shopping for a Sofa? It’s More Than Just Good Looks!

Buying A Sofa

Many people consider the sofa to be the crown jewel of the living room.  It sets the style for the whole room and it’s usually the item that everything else revolves around.  It’s an important purchase – and often an expensive one.  Before you set out to shop, do a little homework first.  It can save time and help you avoid some costly mistakes.

Sofas Shopping Tips | Buying A Sofa

It may sound obvious, but first and foremost, consider size.  In our guide to Starting A Design Project, we recommended that you plot out the dimensions of your room and the placement of your furniture on a computer design program or on graph paper.  Measure the space where you plan to place your sofa – whether it is against a wall or freestanding in the room.  The sofa should be big enough to fill the space, but it shouldn’t overwhelm the room.  A small loveseat sofa generally measures 58 – 65 inches, an apartment or townhouse sofa usually falls between 73 – 80 inches, while a standard sofa is in the range of 81 – 88 inches. One word of caution — make sure that the size you select will fit in the front door!

Sofa Shopping Tips | Upholstery ConstructionA savvy buyer will ‘look under the hood’ at how a sofa is made.  Generally considered the ‘bones’ of the sofa, a quality frame is made from kiln-dried hardwoods such as oak, maple or poplar that won’t warp or crack.  Usually measuring 1 ¼” thick, these frames are securely screwed together.  The feet should be part of the frame or affixed by a dowel and peg; they should not be glued.  Inexpensive sofas are often framed in plastic, particle board or metal. With a shorter lifespan, an inexpensive sofa may be right for a starter home or a student apartment. 

Seat support and construction also adds years of life – and comfort – to your sofa.  8-way hand-tied springs are the time honored traditional method of support where the springs are hand-tied in eight directions to give even wear and suspension. A newer choice is a drop-in coil suspension that is pre-assembled and machine-made, making them less labor intensive and less expensive.  Drop-in coils are the preferred seat suspension system today because they wear and give evenly. 

Sofa Shopping Tips | Standard CushionCushion and pillow filling is key to comfort and durability.  Dense poly cushions are the most popular because they hold their shape well, have some give, and are very supportive.  For a softer, more relaxed effect, down-wrapped cushions have the same dense poly center wrapped in a blend of down feathers to give the cushion added padding.  Full down is the softest cushion—and the most expensive.  It sinks after one use and requires daily fluffing.

Think about how you will use your sofa to help you select one that’s just right for your lifestyle. Will it be used for everyday activities such as reading, relaxing or watching TV?  Will it have to stand up to the hard use of kids and pets? Or, will the sofa be used only occasionally in a more formal setting?  A sofa used primarily for relaxation may be deep and soft with loose pillows, while a camelback sofa with its curvilinear shape and shallow seating might be the choice for a more formal or traditional setting.  But remember – there is no right or wrong. It’s a matter of personal taste and lifestyle.

Sofa Shopping Tips | Buying A Sofa

There are also choices – and decisions – to make about arm style.  The traditional rolled arm is very versatile and well-suited to cottage style or country English.  For a contemporary, modern décor, the track arm is sleek and sophisticated with its clean, straight lines.  The flare arm is an interesting blend of the track and rolled arm that makes for an eye-catching statement piece.  Parsons arm, straight arm, curved arm, or even no arm – choose a style that fits your overall décor and dimensions. Consider how it will coordinate with the other furniture in the room. 

Selecting a fabric is the fun part – but the choices can be overwhelming.  Solid or patterned?  Smooth or textured? Material? While solid colors may be easier to work with, patterned fabric doesn’t show stains as easily, while adding richness to the room. Textured fabrics also show less wear and tear than smooth ones. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester blends, nylon, acrylics or microfibers are durable, versatile, and easy to clean.  Pre-washed cotton fabrics are ideal for a casual décor. Linen is durable but wrinkles and soils easily.  Chenille is soft and durable, while leather also offers another interesting option for longevity in high usage areas.

Sofa Shopping Tips | Buying A Sofa

To upholster or to slipcover?  While loose slipcovers used to be associated with shabby-chic and romantic décor, today’s tailored slipcovered sofas are a good alternative to an upholstered sofa for every style. Ideal for a family with kids and pets, slipcovers can easily be removed for at-home wash and dry. Tired of the fabric? Swap out the slipcover without having to purchase a new sofa.  Upholstering is the most tailored option; certain sofa styles and fabrics lend themselves to upholstering only.

With all these tips in mind, it’s time to go out and shop!  Use your creativity and your intuition to find just the right sofa that will be the crown jewel in your living room. 

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Inspiration Board: Lake Effects

Inspiration Board: Lake Effects

Whether for a summer cabin or winter lodge, a touch of whimsy brings outdoor charm in with these rustic accents!

Lake House Decor | Inspiration Board: Lake Effects #lakehousedecor #cabindecor #rusticfurniture #lakehousefurniture #inspirationboards

Forest Chandelier 18″Rd x 18″H $690  |  Spicher Camping Art Prints contact us for pricing  |  Bear Fishing Pillow discontinued  |  Aspen Bark Table Lamp 30″H $230  |  Bentwood Rocker 23″W x 41″H, old red $505  |  Oar Coat Rack discontinued  |  Amber Sherwood Forest Braided Rug 5′ x 8′ oval $447.75

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Interior Decorating Ideas: Starting A Project

Vermont Lake House Living Room

For the writer, it’s the tyranny of the blank page.  For the artist, it’s the white canvas.  And for the home decorator … it’s the empty room.  Where do I start?  How do I make all those creative ideas a reality?  And, what if I make a mistake?

Don’t worry, you are not alone.  Getting started is always the hardest part of any creative endeavor – whether it’s a poem, a painting, or an interior décor.

While everyone has their own way of working, here are some suggestions that may well help you make your interior cottage style decorating projects easier – and more fun.  It’s based on our years of experience helping our customers design rooms that work.

Interior Decorating Ideas | Vermont Lake House Living Room

First and foremost – start by providing a structure.  Before you even think about colors and fabrics and all those nice touches, you need to lay the foundation.

  • Begin with careful room measurements.  It might sound obvious, but start with the overall dimensions of the room.  Be sure to include window and door locations, windowsill heights, stairs, fireplace, unusual wall locations or anything else that will affect furniture placement and flow.  Good measurements are the first and most important step to plan your room and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Take pictures.   Keep a record of every room for future reference.  Bring them along with you when you start to shop. Be sure to include any pieces of furniture you may want to keep.  Before and after photos can serve as a valuable reference for future decorating projects.
  • Design a rough layout.  You can do this on the computer, as we do.  There are many computer programs available that enable you to create a layout, ‘drag and drop’ actual photos of furniture and move things around with the click of a mouse.  You can access our software program here. Or, if you prefer, you can use graph paper to hand-draw your layout.  Use the grid lines to make a layout to scale.  The rule of thumb is one box on the grid equals one foot of space.  Sketch in where you want to place furniture for each room including the dimensions.
    Interior Decorating Ideas | Vermont Lake House Living Room Plan
    Interior Decorating Ideas | Vermont Lake House Living Room 2nd Angle  Interior Decorating Ideas | Vermont Lake House Living Room 3rd Angle
  • Take an inventory.  Not everyone starts with an empty room or house.  There may well be pieces of furniture you want to keep and some you wish to discard.  Take a good hard look and decide which ones are the ‘keepers’.  Can a sofa be reupholstered or recovered with slipcovers?  Can a table or chest be refinished or painted?  Is this really something that you want to keep?  Is it worth keeping?  Oftentimes, unless you plan on reworking a piece yourself, the cost of refurbishing an existing piece can be almost as much as purchasing a new item.  Once you have decided what to keep and what to replace, draw up a furniture inventory of items you will need for each room.  Include dimensions – even though these may be just ‘guess-timates’ in this phase.
  • Think about your personal style.  Are you the country cottage type, traditional or sleek modern?  Don’t forget you can mix and match styles in today’s eclectic design.  Look at the architecture of your home – and its surroundings to create a natural fit with your environment.  And don’t forget to consider your lifestyle.  Is it casual and easy-care or is it more formal?  Are there kids and pets to consider?  Start to envision your ‘dream house’ – a house that works for everyone involved.
  • Scheme about colorNow is the time to start thinking about your color scheme. Get creative. Scour websites and magazines for ideas.  What colors do you love – and which ones do you avoid?  Pick a color combination that works best for your environment – and fits with items you may already own.  Create harmony. Think about the flow of color from one room to the next.  Start with an important item that will be the focal point of your room – a sofa, a rug or a piece of art.
  • Consider your budget & timeline.  This is the hard part.  Take a good look at your finances and try to come up with a rough figure for what you plan to spend.  Look at prices – particularly for ‘big ticket’ items — and decide where you may want to splurge and where you can economize.  In addition, not every piece has to be purchased at the same time. Once you have a plan, you can always “fill in” a room when your finances permit. Consider investing in, and waiting for, high quality furniture a decision that will serve you well into the future.
  • Browse online or in stores.  Okay, now you are ready to start looking around.  The possibilities are endless.  Look at catalogues, magazines and websites.  Browse through local stores.  Ask for opinions – get design assistance.  Bring along all the elements you have put together as part of your foundation – dimensions, photos, layouts, product inventory and color schemes.  If you have any fabric swatches, bring those along too.

You are now ready to shop!  In the months ahead, we will take you on a room-by-room tour to help you design your own distinctive home.

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