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Rooms to Love: Inside Out

Rooms to Love: Inside Out #cottagelivingroom #neutrals #rustic #lodgeporch

Rooms to Love: Inside Out #cottagelivingroom #neutrals #rustic #lodgedecor
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As colder weather nears, we couldn’t decide whether we were more drawn to the idea of the comforts of indoors outside or the hallmarks of outdoors inside, so we married the two scenarios in our Rooms to Love. Equally appealing to the homebody in us all, the fireplaced farmhouse living room and lodge porch above both offer rusticity as well as small touches of welcome luxury.

Hunker down by the fireplace in this farmhouse living room in an overstuffed armchair resplendent with cushy pillows in a stag motif. What sets this room apart is that despite the stark whitewashed hearth and exposed beams, the space crackles with warmth from the woodsy stash of fire logs, the honeyed antique trunk coffee table and the wreathlike antler design mirror. On the other hand, an outdoor lounging area fit for a tsar betrays none of its wintry temperature as long as the candles glow and the wood benches and chairs are covered in faux rabbit fur. These plush accessories take off the chill and make this lodge style porch one to lounge on in all seasons rather than to only pass through.  Softening the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces can create a feeling of integration and fluidity as well as alter your perspective on coziness.

Where is your favorite place to escape in the Great Outdoors?

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Rooms to Love: Lodge Lookout

Rooms to Love: Lodge Lookout #lodgelivingroom #brickhearth #openconcept

Rooms to Love: Lodge Lookout #lodgelivingroom #brickhearth #openconcept m{Pression

We love this room because it pulls off a grandness of scale while remaining comfortably cozy. Thanks to its earthy tones and horizontal lines, this true open concept living room harbors no cold pockets of space. The floor to ceiling windows provide a majestic view while the low, sleek lines of the furniture and the simple wooden mantel create a communal feeling. The narrow ledge from the level above also creates a subtle boundary without overshadowing the seating area. The soothing neutrals of the muted brick hearth wall seem to melt down into the perfectly matched hues of the chairs, sofas and area rug. A few well-chosen accessories in warm colors add dimension and a thoughtful symmetrical arrangement cements the look. The tailored silhouettes and mix of wood and fabric create a Scandinavian vibe so perfect for lodge living.

Do you prefer soaring ceilings or cozy closeness?

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Rooms to Love: Lodge Style Cabin

Rooms to Love: Primitive Cabin, #lodgedecor, #cabindecor, #rusticlodge,

Rooms to Love: Lodge Style Cabin #lodgedecor #cabindecor #rusticlodge Houzz

This lodge style cabin has an open concept floor plan and cathedral ceilings for an expansive and lofty designed home.  The kitchen, dining room, and living room flow from one to the other and all share the same cinnamon toned pine flooring that glows with warmth.  The stone fireplace is a central element to the whole design scheme as it brings light, warmth, and texture to the home.  The furniture pieces in the living room are a blend of traditional and contemporary styles with tribal inspired prints for an eclectic grouping that boasts the individual personality of the home.

Would you add a rug to this living room, or do you prefer to see the exposed wood flooring?

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Living Lodge

Living Lodge
Living Lodge | Lodge Style Living Room

Just the mere word ‘lodge’ conjures images of a crackling fire…the aroma of a stew cooking in the kitchen…a rustic retreat designed for comfort and warmth.  Your lodge could be a cozy log cabin on the prairie or a grandiose spread on a mountaintop out West.  In fact, lodge style can be interpreted to fit just about every locale – east, west, north, south and in the middle.  A lodge may be a vacation retreat or a year-round abode.  Most of all, it’s a home for all seasons.

What accounts for the new popularity of lodge-style living?  For many, it’s motivated by a desire to return to a simpler time when the world revolved around hearth and home.  Designed for comfort and ease, a lodge is meant to be lived in.  Rugged and rustic, a lodge is well-suited to today’s active lifestyles.  It can handle the ‘clomp’ of heavy boots and the traffic of a houseful of kids, pets and friends.

Living Lodge | Lodge Style WickerWhile there are many definitions of lodge style, there are a few common denominators.  The essential element in lodge living is that it brings the outdoors inside with an abundance of natural materials and the rich textures of wood.  You are likely to find a stone fireplace, slate floors or countertops, wooden beams and wide-plank floors.

The most important thing to remember about lodge-style decorating is don’t overdo!  It is easy to get carried away with a theme and before you know it, your home starts to resemble an overblown movie set.  A little goes a long way.  Use elements of lodge style in a tasteful ensemble that reflects your own locale and your personal taste.  Here are some suggestions that may help inspire your own brand of lodge living.

High on the lodge list are farmhouse tables made of reclaimed wood or rough-hewn pine.  Families may gather round the table on prairie-style ladder back chairs with rush cane seating.  Others prefer benches to help fit more family and friends around the bountiful table.  Twig furniture and birch bark lamps are reminiscent of an earlier time when the pioneers fashioned furniture from abundant natural materials.Living Lodge | Lodge Style Twig Furniture

Color is another element that helps define lodge style.  Rich, warm earth tones, reds and greens, and wrought-iron black accents set the stage.  Mix patterns and solids, plaids and stripes in a tasteful harmony of colors found in the great outdoors.

Lodge living is all about comfort.  Relax on big, oversized sofas and easy chairs in soft natural fibers or plush leather in deep red, forest green or tawny brown.  Pillows and throws help complete the scene.  Wide plank or slate floors are covered with colorful rugs that help warm cold floors.  You can choose natural fiber rugs or old-fashioned braided and rag rugs for an authentic lodge décor.

Since lodges are often large, they can accommodate large-scale furnishings – big sofas and chairs, ample farmhouse tables, storage chests, armoires, cabinets and more.  Whether large or small, it is critical to select furnishings that fit the scale of your lodge home.

Pensacola Leather Sofa

Now for the accents!  Here’s where you can let your creativity soar.  How about a big wrought-iron chandelier over the dining table?  Consider a birch-log lamp or a faux fur throw.  An old pair of wooden skis, snowshoes or an old sled can be ideal accents for a ski lodge theme.  Carved decoys or fishing lures may be just right for a lakeside cabin.  Big walls are perfect for mounting collections – old tools, arrowheads found in the woods, photographs and prints.  You might even consider mounting a collection of deer or elk antlers that are shed naturally by these animals – no hunting involved!

Living Lodge | Lodge Style Chandelier

But remember the rule – don’t overdo!  Look in the attic.  Browse through tag sales.  Turn to nature for inspiration to create a lodge home that is a reflection of you!


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