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Inspiration Board: Wonderful Wicker

Inspiration Board: Wicker License #wickerfurniture #armchair #earthtones

Inspiration Board: Wonderful Wicker #wickerfurniture #armchair #earthtones
1. Countryside Pendant, 24″H, $710,  |  2. Wormwood Mirror, $54, Red or Light  |  3. Outer Banks Wicker Chair, 31″W x 30.5″D x 40″H, shown in Colonial Red (25 color options) , cushion optional, $670  |  4. Amber Crackle Glass Table Lamp, 28″H, $235  |  5. Cottage Wicker Hexagonal Table, 29.5″L x 25.5″W x 29.5″H, shown in Pecan (25 color options), $530  |  6. Northport Chair, 30″W x 29″D x 35″H, shown in Black with stained cane (26 color options), $1,905  |  7. Tweed Stripe Woven Wool Rug,   5′ x 8′, $518

Wicker furniture and accessories bridge the gap between rustic and polished, winter and summer, earthy and formal. Wicker can be painted any color or left in its natural state. It is a year-round favorite that you can mix and match with many other styles, including woodsy lodge decor, cottage painted furniture and pieces with natural fiber details. Wicker is not just for the porch anymore.

The Tweed Stripe Woven Wool Rug in taupe, tan, cinnamon, rust red and apricot is in a sturdy blend of wool, jute and cotton. Tying together the many pieces pictured above, including the Cottage Wicker Hexagonal Table and the Outer Banks Wicker Chair, the rug is available in several sizes. Even the refined Northport Chair in painted alder wood works with the wicker pieces due to its stained cane side panels. The stylish rattan Countryside Pendant light, the Wormwood Mirror and the Amber Crackle Glass Table Lamp add extra options for you to complete your look, in whichever direction you want to take it.

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Rooms to Love: The Well Red Cottage

Rooms to Love: Well Red Cottage #cottagelivingroom #brickhearth #redaccents

Adding touches of red to a cottage living room can be an inspired decorating move, but can also daunt those who think that the color necessarily invokes boldness. Soft reds are a compromise for those wanting to inject some warmth but who are also afraid of creating an overpowering palette. And Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to experiment with red with the possibility of it becoming a staple in your decor year-round.

Red accessories can ramp up your color scheme as much or as little as you desire without any permanent commitment. In the cottage room above, pillows and a lampshade in persimmon both draw out the natural color in the brick hearth and floor and add interest to the neutral taupe couch. Even the spines of old brick red volumes stand out nicely against the black backdrop of a floor-to-ceiling built-in, and can be changed out to another color or object without much energy. Adding red is a great way to easily change up your decor and express your current mood.

Do you prefer bright lipstick red or soft berry reds?

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Rooms to Love: Style and Color Collide

Rooms to Love: Color and Style Collide #cottagestyle #cottagecolor #cottagedecor #cottagefurniture

Rooms to Love: Color and Style Collide #cottagestyle #cottagecolor #cottagedecor #cottagefurniture thedistinctivecottage.comImage: BHG

When you love pattern and color it can be hard to decide where to play it up and when to tone it down in your cottage home.  Today’s Rooms to Love is a great example of how color and style can live together in a balanced and harmonious way.  

This fabulous living room is home to style blogger Micheal Wurm, Jr. who wanted this space to be colorful, yet not too intense, so as not to distract from the beautiful architecture.  He chose a neutral gray for the walls, which is light enough to blend into the background, and a crisp white to highlight the amazing architectural details in the space, like the built-in bookcases, crown molding, and decorative mantel.  He also chose a light charcoal gray for the sofa and chair, again to build a neutral foundation in the space.  

Now that the stage had been set, he chose textiles and accessories in a myriad of patterns and colors to bring the space to life.  The largest source of color, and the main focal point, is the modern flag print area rug.  Everything else in the space, like the puff ottomans, throw pillows, wire baskets, and small accessories, pick up the hues found in the rug including royal blue, electric yellow, and fire engine red.

What is your favorite color found in this unique and creative space?

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Inspiration Board: Rustic Chic Dining

Inspiration Board: Rustic Chic Dining #cottagedecor #rusticfurniture #inkbluedecor #cottagestyle

Inspiration Board: Rustic Chic Dining #cottagedecor #rusticfurniture #inkbluedecor #cottagestyle
1. Shoreline Cottage Style Fabrics: Riya Red Fabric, $85 per yard  |  2. Summer House Cottage Style Fabrics: Epic Navy, Grade 8, Suggested for the Parsons Side Chair  |  3. Large Ava Chandelier, 35″ Rnd x 55″ H, $1,940  |  4. Benjamin Moore Paint Color Shy Cherry #2007-20  |  5. Elizabeth Upholstered Parson’s Chair22″W x 26″D x 40.5″H, Seat: 17.5″D x 20″H, As Shown: Standard Cushion, Fruitwood Leg Finish, Fabric Grade 8, Upholstered in Epic Navy Fabric, $725  |  6. Twilight Rug, 100% Wool, Available in several sizes, As Shown: 8 x 10, $2,445  |  7. Old Pine Malt Leg Table, Customizable, As Shown: 72″L x 38″W x 30″H, Rectangular, 1″ Thick Reclaimed Wood Top, No Breadboard, Medium Brown Wax Finish, $1,550

Trying to pull together a rustic chic look for your dining room?  Look no further than today’s Inspiration Board!  We pulled together our favorite rustic reclaimed wood furniture pieces, like the old wood table and tear drop chandelier, to set the tone for an all natural style.  To introduce color into the space, we chose a warm cherry red for the wall color and suggest using the amazing tapestry style fabric called Riya Red for curtains.  This fabric is a soft linen blend and would be a perfect complement to the ink blue modern rug!  To tie the space together, and ensure top comfort while dining, we suggest the Elizabeth Parson’s chair upholstered in the dark ink blue fabric called Epic Navy.  

The pieces we chose are not only stylish, but family friendly and practical too.  The table has a waxed finish for easy care, and the Epic Navy fabric we suggest for the chairs is stain resistant.  Bring on the big family dinners in this low maintenance dining room!

Do you like mixing rustic and modern pieces in your home?

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Color Board: Cottage Colors

Color Board: Cottage Colors #cottagecolors #cottagedecor #farmhousecolors #farmhousedecor

Color Board: Cottage Colors #cottagecolors #cottagedecor #farmhousecolors #farmhousedecor
1. Hayden Hand Tufted Rug, 5 x 8, $995, other sizes available  |  2. Shoreline Cottage Style Fabrics: Denman Clay, $55 per yard  |  3. Shoreline Cottage Style Fabrics: Basket Straw, $65 per yard  |  4. Lake Spectrum Hooked Rug, 6 x 9, $930, other sizes available  |  5. Shoreline Cottage Style Fabrics: Tricotte Scuba, $65 per yard

As the hot summer months cool down for a crisp September here in Maine, we start to crave the warmer tones of fall foliage.  In today’s cottage style color board, we chose warmer autumn colors, like pumpkin and marigold, but since we aren’t quite ready to let summer go, we used a couple of amazing ocean blues too.

You can find all of these spectacular colors in the Hayden Hand Tufted rug, which is made of 100% wool, and perfect for large gathering areas, like the living room or family room.  The design of the rug is a mix of traditional and transitional, and will fit many different cottage style homes.  We chose fabrics to complement the focal point rug, and they can be used in any combination for a sofa, loveseat, accent chair(s) and throw pillows.  Do you love the colors, but want to choose a more subtle rug?  Check out the Lake Spectrum Hooked Rug that brings a burst of color to the space in a simple print.

Which rug would you prefer for your family room?

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Inspiration Board: Cottage Kid’s Room

Inspiration Board: Cottage Kid's Room #colorfulcottagedecor #cottagedecor #cottagebedroom

Inspiration Board: Cottage Kid's Room #colorfulcottagedecor #cottagedecor #cottagebedroom

1. Charleston Bed, customizable, As Shown: Twin, Standard Footboard, All Painted, Color: Sunshine, $1,865  |  2. Shipshape Table Lamp, 34″H, $560  |  3. Brentwood Dresser, customizable, As Shown: 42″W x 22″D x 42″H, All Painted, Color: Blueberry, $2,390  |  4.  Brindle Stripe Carnival Hand Knotted Rug,
5 x 8, $572

Designed with kids in mind, today’s Inspiration Board is filled with vibrant color and style. The focal point, and main source of incredible color, is a hand tufted wool rug, perfectly plush for long afternoons of play time. Building off of the bold palette, we chose sunshine yellow for the bed and blueberry blue for the dresser. Both colors are happy and playful to provide the right amount of creative stimulation that every kid needs. 

To learn more about any of the stylish pieces featured in today’s post, click on the links above.

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Get the Look: Lake House Porch

Get the Look: Lake House Porch #lakehouse #lakehousedecor #lakehousefurniture #countryporch #countrydecor

Get the Look: Lake House Porch #lakehouse #lakehousedecor #lakehousefurniture #countryporch #countrydecor
Inspiration Image: The Cottage Market

 |  1. Reflection Sconce17″H x 19″D x 14″W, $650  |  2. Cottage Wicker Oval Drink Table20″W x 14″D x 23″H, As Shown: Pecan, $225  |  3. Bentwood Rocker23″W x 41″H. Seat: 17″H, 19″D, As Shown: Walnut Stain, $505  |  4. Blue Mountain Coffee Table18″H x 19″W x 44″L, As Shown: Custom Color, $665

This lake house porch is a beautiful blend of rustic, country and farmhouse decor, all bundled up to create a cozy home away from home. The vibrant emerald green makes this porch pop, and is the perfect shade of green to balance the natural look of the rustic twig furniture. Click on any description to learn more about these furniture pieces that make this porch such a charming little retreat.

Would you add any other accessories to this space?

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Inspiration Board: Farmhouse Style Bedroom

Inspiration Board: Farmhouse Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #farmhousestyle #farmhousefurniture #cottagedecor #cottagefurniture

Inspiration Board: Farmhouse Style Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #farmhousestyle #farmhousefurniture #cottagedecor #cottagefurniture
1. Beaufort Upholstered Accent Chair, 33″W x 33″D x 40″H, As Shown: Standard Cushion, Fruitwood Leg Finish, Discontinued Fabric, Starts at $1,420  |  2. Crimson Poppies Canvas Giclee Prints, Set of 2, Available in other sizes, As Shown: 24 x 24, $360  |  3.  Country Farm Lingerie Chest, Available in custom sizes, As Shown: 27″W x 19″D x 62″H. 6 Drawers, Poplar Wood, Scroll Base, Painted Two Color Rub, Medium Rub and Distressing, Aquamarine over Tomato, $1,480  |  4. Carolina Beach Slat Bed, As Shown: Twin, Painted Classic Red, $1,810  |  5. Saranac Woven Cotton Rug, 100% Cotton, As Shown: 6 x 9, $223

Today’s Inspiration Board is a blend of red and teal pieces we put together to create this farmhouse style bedroom. People often ask us how much rubbing and distressing they should do on their custom painted furniture? The level of paint that is worn away really depends on what kind of look you want. If you want to achieve a country farmhouse look, than go with a medium rub finish, like we have shown on the lingerie chest. We wore away a fair amount of the aqua paint to expose the beautiful red underneath. On the other hand, if you want a clean look, go with a solid painted finish, like we have shown on the adorable slat bed. By using a combination of both weathered pieces and crisply painted pieces, we have achieved a blended farmhouse style with personality and grace.

Do you like using red and teal together in your home decor?

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Inspiration Board: Quaint Cottage

Inspiration Board: Quaint Cottage #cottagestyle #cottagedecor #cottagecolors #countrydecor #countrystyle

Cottage Living Room Inspiration Board: Quaint Cottage #cottagestyle #cottagedecor #cottagecolors #countrydecor #countrystyle

1. Spring Mix Canvas Giclee, Available in several sizes, As Shown: 24″ x 24″,$180  |  2. Dockside Table Lamp, 34″H, $490  |  3. Carolina 3 Door Buffet, Customizable, Shown As: 60″W x 18″D x 34″H, Barrel Feet, two raised panel doors and one Bermuda shutter door, Painted Sand over Classic Brown, $2,602.50  |  4. French Country Market Basket, 17″L x 14.5″W x 35″H + 10″ handle, $240  |  5. Medium Blue Kill Devil Hill Braided Rug, As Shown: 7’6″ Round, $596   |  6. Seaport Petite Slipcovered Accent Chair, 30″W x 35″D x 34″H, Shown As: T-Cushion, Grade A Fabric Pebble White with Weave Truffle Bias Cut Contrast Welt, $965.00, Swivel Glider Optional for +$60

The beauty of cottage style decorating is that anything goes!  Putting together a cottage look is really about choosing pieces that are comfortable, casual and colorful.  For today’s cottage living room Inspiration Board, we choose a braided rug as the main source of color, as it is filled with oranges, blues, reds, purples, and greens for a lively focal point.  To create a comfortable seating area we chose our most popular accent chair, the Seaport Petite Slipcovered Accent Chair, which is shown in a crisp white, washable fabric for a casual feel.  For a TV console, we chose a 3 door unit, and designed it with one Bermuda shutter door, so that you can use remote controls for components even when the doors are closed. The variation in door styles and the two color rubbed finish on the console gives the piece a unique cottage style look.

Click here to see more Slipcovered furniture options, and here to see how easy slipcovers are to clean!

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Get The Look: Rustic Farmhouse Dining Room

Get The Look: Rustic Farmhouse Dining

Get The Look: Rustic Farmhouse Dining Room #countrydining #farmhousetables #rusticstyle #farmhousestyle
Photo: Modern Home Decor

1. Country Farm Jelly Cabinet customizations: 34″W x 15″D x 60″H, poplar, closed base, raised panel doors, toggle locks, standard flush drawer, fixed shelves, flat panel back, two color rub through, custom color, medium rub/distressing $1,385  |  2. Medium Blue Portland Braided Rug 7’6″ Round $695.25  |  3. Estate Windsor Side Chair 19.5″W x 24″D x 41.5″H, french vanilla $335  |  Country Farm Tapered Leg Dining Table customizations: 72″L x 34″W x 30″H, tapered leg, standard pine top, rectangular, planked, breadboard, straight apron, stained top/painted base, golden, aquamarine, medium rub/distressing $1,130′

Unexpected pops of color make this rustic farmhouse dining room a unique blend of cottage and country.  Shades of aqua, poppy, sunshine, and teal green are seen throughout the room, starting with the round rug that anchors the space with it’s cottage charm, while the rustic farm table and old fashioned jelly cabinet bring the more country elements.  Mismatched windsor chairs add an eclectic touch to the mix.  A wonderfully homey country dining area is the result!

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