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Creating a distinctive cottage environment looks easy and effortless.  Colors and patterns intermingle.  Comfort is key and the personality of the homeowner shines through.  In fact, no two cottage homes are exactly alike.  There are few – if any – rules to follow and no prepackaged rooms of furnishings and decor.  But, creating a relaxed cottage environment is not so easy after all.  We know!  We’ve been doing it for fourteen years.

Cottage Home, on the coast of Southern Maine, has built a reputation as the place to go for cottage style furnishings and accessories.  The company has expanded its boundaries on the Internet and built a loyal following from coast to coast – helping to furnish and design everything from beach houses to mountain lodges – from rustic retreats to urban ‘cottages’.

We can help you to furnish an entire house, a single room, or to find just the right piece you’re been searching for.

We’ve also built a reputation as the ‘place to go’ for advice on choosing the right furniture for you.  It’s the practical considerations that are the foundation for creating a cottage environment that works.  And, because we customize many of our tables and other furnishings, we know that the right proportions and measurements are critical.

What’s the right size for a sofa, table or chair for me?  What’s the standard width of a dining chair and how many will fit comfortably around my table? How do I design a furniture layout for the dimensions of my room?  How can I mix fabrics, colors, and patterns so that it doesn’t look too busy?  What size area rug should I use with my sofa?  These are just a few of the many questions we’re asked on a daily basis.

We stay up-to-date on the latest trends. We scan magazines, books and blogs for ideas and design solutions.  And now, we’ve decided to bring it all together in one place as a reference guide for creating your own distinctive cottage home.

As this blog grows, you’ll see our take on cottage style design – along with the ‘best of the best’ culled from the pages of design publications and books.  We’ll provide reference guides and practical suggestions for creating a cottage environment that reflects you and your lifestyle.  We’ll spark your imagination with ‘Inspiration Boards’, ‘Color Boards’, and ‘Rooms to Love.’   We’re hoping our blog will help you to answer questions on everything from choosing the right style and color palette, to designing a layout and selecting furnishings that fit.

We hope you have as much fun exploring our blog as we are having creating it!

Thanks for reading,
The Design Team

@ Cottage Home


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