Cottage Decorating by Room

Dining Rooms & Kitchens

Dining Room & Kitchen

Cottage decorating considerations for your dining areas include a variety of questions. Dining rooms tend to be for more formal meals, while the kitchen table is not only where you…

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Living & Family Rooms

Living & Family Room

What kind of cottage decorating ideas are important for a living room? First, how often do you use your living room? Is it reserved for company or does it get…

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Halls & Entryways

Hall & Entryway

Often overlooked in cottage decorating projects, the foyer is usually where you welcome guests to your home. Take a look at the foyer you have, taking into account the size…

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Cottage decorating questions for your outside “room” is just like any indoor living space. First, decide how you will use it. Think beyond just relaxing and grilling – do you…

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Studies & Offices

Study & Office

Given the increasing demands on our time use your cottage decorating skills to create a comfortable work space. Is your home office for personal or business use, or a little…

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Bedroom Posts

Cottage decorating for your bedroom includes a number of design considerations. What do you want to see when you first wake up? How to you want to be soothed into…

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