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Cottage office decorating ideas to help you create a great work space for both both your personal and business study requirements. Cottage office decorating articles include Rooms to Love, Get the Look, Color Boards, Inspiration Boards and Design Tips to stimulate new ideas for creating the perfect cottage style communication and computer center. All of the decorating articles include tags to sort by color or design style. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact our designers.

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Creating Your Own Gallery Collage

The most important rule of thumb when creating your own gallery collage is to have fun! This is a design project that allows you to dictate what you want to see featured on your walls. Choose items that share memories, inspire you, motivate you, and ultimately make you happy. It’s an opportunity to express the people, places, and things you love.

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Inspiration Board: Tangerine Dream

Decorating with blue and tangerine creates an exciting and whimsical theme for a kid’s play area or reading spot in a bedroom. The over-sized chair is big enough for two to curl up on, while the soft poof ottomans provide additional seating. Creating an environment for children is about visual and tactile stimulation, which is why you can be a little bolder with shapes, textures, and colors. Let their imaginations do the rest!

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Rooms To Love: Rustic Coastal Cottage

This rustic coastal cottage packs a lot of personality for such a small space. The painted white high-paneled wainscoting and walls provide a clean palette to showcase the red, white, and blue motif. The reclaimed wood accent pieces, like the coffee table, the cricket end table, and the storage chest of drawers, bring in a little bit of country to this seaside cottage. Tasteful coral, seashell, and sea glass accessories sprinkle the walls and surfaces to quietly reference the home’s natural surroundings.

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Celebrating Earth Day!

Every April, Earth Day reminds us to appreciate the beauty of the world around us, and how much we need to protect and preserve it. Our earth provides us with tangible necessities to live, like air, water, and food, but it also provides us with a constant intangible resource, it’s beauty. For centuries, that beauty has provided artists and designers alike with inspiration from luscious landscapes, magnificent mountains, and roaring seas.

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Color Board: Blissful Blues and Subtle Sages
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Color Board: Blissful Blue & Subtle Sage

These blissful blues and subtle sages create a calming and serene palette, and would work beautifully in a cottage master bedroom. Linens are a luxurious fabric for the bedroom, as long as no one is too hung up on wrinkles! The natural texture and weight of these fabrics lend themselves to an upscale, yet comfortable, scheme as they tend to look worn in and relaxed. Using tan and taupe fabrics for the backdrop creates a versatile foundation to build from, and blends nicely with the other earth tones. Pair these fabrics with white painted pieces, and glass lighting fixtures, to create a romantic and soothing ambiance.

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