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Lodge decorating ideas to help you create a cozy summer vacation or winter holiday feel in your lake side cabin year round. Our lake house and lodge decorating posts include Get the Look, Inspiration Boards, Rooms to Love, Color Boards and Design Tips to help stimulate your ideas. All of the posts include numerous sorting tags to help you focus on specific colors or rooms. For additional discussion and help please feel free to contact our designers.

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Color Board: Rust, Gold & Bay Leaf

This Cat’s Paw rug is the primary focal point in this playful, yet refined, color palette. The bold print of the rug adds a touch of whimsy to the otherwise reserved linens and embossed fabrics. The array of colors in the rug provides endless cottage style decorating ideas for coordinates, but these fabric choices are designed for a more formal space that wants to avoid a stuffy appearance. The gold and red fabrics provide warmth, and, accompanied by the rug, create a friendly and inviting environment.

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A Home Fit For Our Furry Friends

Pets are a huge part of our families; they bring joy and happiness to our lives and to our homes. With our pets in mind, we want to create a home that is suitable for their active lifestyles, yet doesn’t sacrifice comfort or style in the process. It is all about choosing materials, especially fabrics, that will accommodate the inevitable wear and tear from our furry friends. Here are a few tips to help you create pet-friendly environments for the two rooms most frequently visited by paws – the entryway and the family room.

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Celebrating Earth Day!

Every April, Earth Day reminds us to appreciate the beauty of the world around us, and how much we need to protect and preserve it. Our earth provides us with tangible necessities to live, like air, water, and food, but it also provides us with a constant intangible resource, it’s beauty. For centuries, that beauty has provided artists and designers alike with inspiration from luscious landscapes, magnificent mountains, and roaring seas.

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Pros and Cons of Stylish Home Trends

Since spring is upon us, now is a great time to begin brainstorming ways to freshen up your home! These trends are all unique and easy ways to liven up and re-organize the most frequently used spaces in the home. Looking at all sides of the pretty and practical elements of these trends helps to identify if they are a good fit for you and your family.

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Buying A Sofa
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Shopping for a Sofa? It’s More Than Just Good Looks!

Many people consider the sofa to be the crown jewel of the living room. It sets the style for the whole room and it’s usually the item that everything else revolves around. It’s an important purchase – and often an expensive one. Before you set out to shop, do a little homework first. It can save time and help you avoid some costly mistakes.

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