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Get the Look – Cottage Style

Get the Look is one of our regular cottage decorating post features which breaks down popular cottage style room photos into each of the component products. Dimensions, specifications, colors, fabric and costs are included for each product in a cottage room photo. We thought this was a great way to stimulate cottage decorating ideas and to see how to bring a great photo to real life. Each Get the Look feature includes tags which can be sorted by color, cottage room and cottage decorating style. Please feel free to contact our designers if you need additional help.

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Get The Look: Beach Retreat

Once you soak in the beautiful ocean view just beyond the big windows in this coastal living room, your eye is immediately drawn to the coral coffee table. What a statement it brings to this otherwise quiet and subdued color palette! Introducing the coral accent color to the overall scheme creates an undeniable focal point that brings in a whole new layer of interest to this beach-inspired living room.

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Get The Look: Balanced Bedroom

What a sweet and gentle color palette in this balanced cottage bedroom that embraces femininity and luxurious comfort! The sprawling floral print envelops the bed and makes a large statement against the quiet neutral tones of the painted bed and nightstands. The deep haze fabric on the upholstered bench is a nice contrast paired with the cream, grey, and white painted pieces and raw wood floors. A warm glow seems to emanate from this bedroom creating a joyful and rejuvenating environment.

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Get The Look: Seaside Living Room

This beautiful seaside living room, featured in April’s issue of Coastal Living Magazine, is part of the new Beach House Hotel in Turks and Caicos! We wanted to show you that you don’t have to go overseas to create this breezy getaway feel in your own home. Seafoam, tan, and white fabrics create a dreamy feel that instantly transports you to a sandy and serene place. The casual and comfortable slipcovered sofa and chairs make this space not only beautiful, but practical too. Slipcovers are easy to clean and allow for a no-fuss living space. Another great detail in this space is the driftwood style reclaimed wood TV stand that adds diversity and interest to this calm space.

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