Cottage Decorating Design Tips

Cottage decorating design tips are a collection of practical ideas to help you create unique and fun cottage style designs. Design tips can vary from How to Hang a Chandelier to suggestions on Painting Ceilings to 17 Ways to Use Rope in Nautical Decorating. They are all great ways to help your cottage decorating stand out. Every cottage decorating design tip includes sorting tags to allow you to focus on a specific cottage room and cottage decorating style. Please let our designers know which design tips you found the most helpful or let us know your favorite tip.

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Design Tip: Colorful Dining Room Chairs

Using an assortment of painted chairs is increasingly becoming a popular choice for people who want an eclectic look versus the traditional stained “set” look. Kitchen and dining rooms are typically full of activity, and it’s fun to be able to capture that energy through color. We often encounter clients who want painted chairs in a variety of colors, but are wary of the look being too contrived. Or people who want to introduce just a splash of color versus the whole rainbow.

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Personalizing A Monochromatic Space

Who says monochromatic decorating has to be boring? The use of varying degrees of taupe keeps this space calming and quiet – perfect for reading or conversation. Introducing chrome and metallic accents help enhance the visual stimulation while adding an unexpected zest to this serene space. The art work and mirrors that eclectically adorn the walls keep the monochromatic impression, yet introduce texture and personality.

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Design Tips: Making a Splash with Wallpaper
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Design Tip: Make A Splash with Wallpaper

Sometimes a room is in need of more than just a coat of paint to bring it’s personality to life. Wallpaper provides a decorative back splash that sets the tone for a space using color, design, and texture. Introducing the right wallpaper to your room isn’t always an easy feat, so here are a few helpful tips to guide you in the right direction!

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First Impression Entryway
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Design Tip: Organize Your Entryway

Today’s front and back entryways seem to be a source of clutter, extra “stuff”, and disorganization for most homes! It is a natural drop off station, a place for reminders as you are coming and going, and where hats/mittens/coats/shoes stack up all year round. It is no wonder clutter and chaos can quickly occur in a busy household. Here are a few helpful hints to create a practical, organized, and aesthetically pleasing mudroom.

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Cottage Home Design Guide 103
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Design Guide: Area Rug Sizing

Area rugs usually come in a range of standard sizes. The ratio of the length to the width for standard sizes is similar to the “Golden Ratio” of 1.6, which is a popular, visually-pleasing design parameter. Size availability will vary by manufacturer and specific rug design. Custom area rugs tend to cost twice as much as a similarly sized standard area rug.

Due to the variability of room size and shape, furniture arrangements, and limited standard area rug sizes, the best way to select a specific rug for a room is to use an interactive computer layout. As a general guideline, an area rug should be sized to either have all of the furniture off the rug, all of the furniture on the rug, or to anchor the front legs of all the furniture on the rug. For living rooms and family rooms, the best option tens to be having the front legs of the furniture on the rug to anchor the furniture to a cozy seating area.

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Design Tip: Kid's Rooms
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Design Tip: Kid’s Rooms

Designing a children’s room is both a joy and a challenge. The room must be practical and functional, yet be vibrant and aesthetically pleasing. It is too easy to get trapped into the practical aspect and forget to have fun with color, furniture, and accessories.

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Design Tip: Foyer Space
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Design Tip: Foyer Space

Color is one of the most important elements in designing a room or space. It sets the tone for a room and provides a background for the rest of the design. Generally, stronger and brighter colors should be used in the smallest amounts as a tool to accent a space. Use a bright color in a foyer to invite guests into the home and play up a smaller space. A bright blue is clean and crisp, giving the space a bright, airy feel. Balance the brightness by bringing in accents, such as an array of pictures, a rich runner, or a unique chair.

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