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Cottage Style Color Boards

Our cottage style color boards present a variety of fabric, paint colors and rugs in pleasing cottage color combinations.  Designing with color is a foundation element of any cottage style interior design.   We hope our color boards will help stimulate creative cottage decorating ideas by presenting both traditional and unexpected color combinations. All of the cottage color boards include sorting tags to help focus on a specific color, a specific decorating style or specific cottage room. Free color samples, fabric samples and rug samples are available from our color board designers.

Color Board: Coral, Lime & Turquoise Color Board: Coral, Lime & Turquoise #colorboard #coral #lime #turquoise #cottagestyle
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Color Board: Coral, Lime & Turquoise

Ladbroke punch fabric was once again the inspiration for a color board! Considering how many colors this fabric has, it is no wonder it has already served as inspiration in a previous color board: living loud. This time coral, lime, and turquoise take center stage with a wonderful mosaic-like rug to anchor the room.

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Color Board: Persimmon & Avocado #colorboard #cottagestyle #cottagerugs #red #green #yellow
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Color Board: Persimmon & Avocado

Persimmon, gold, avocado green and sky blue are just some of the hues found in this naturalistic style rug. This particular palette would be great in a family room or dining room, because we have highlighted the energetic tones found in the rug. #colorboard #cottagestyle #cottagerugs #red #green #yellow

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Color Board: Ripple Effects #cottagedecorating #cottagestyle #colorboard #cottagedecor
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Color Board: Ripple Effects

Earth tones like charcoal, terracotta, amber, maroon, and navy effortlessly create a calm, modest, and natural ambiance for a color scheme. Add a touch of aqua and ivory to keep the look fresh! The ripple cinnamon rug was the starting point for this color board, which offers a myriad of colors allowing a lot of flexibility when choosing accent colors. This look would be perfect for a large living room or family area, as dark colors are ideal for high traffic areas because they will hide dirt and wear better. #cottagedecorating #cottagestyle #colorboard #cottagedecor

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Style Board: Cottage Upholstery #slipcoveredfurniture #slipcoveredsofas #cottageupholsteredfurniture #cottagefurniture
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Style Board: Cottage Upholstery

Out with the old decorating notion that all upholstered forms need to match. Once you let that idea go, furniture shopping gets a whole lot easier. Finding the right pieces for your home should be dictated by comfort, style, and color, and in today’s industry there is something for everyone. #slipcoveredfurniture #slipcoveredsofas #cottageupholsteredfurniture #cottagefurniture

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Color Board Living Loud, #colorfullliving #cottagedecor #cottagecolor #colorfuldecor //
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Color Board: Living Loud

Not afraid of a little color? Than this week’s color board is perfect for you! These zesty tones of aqua, spring green, coral and gold create such a playful and lighthearted effect, it is hard not to be happy just looking at them. This would be an ideal palette for a kids play area or a busy family room, anywhere that benefits from a dose of invigoration. #colorfullliving #cottagedecor #cottagecolor #colorfuldecor //

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Color Board: Chocolate, Citrus & Jade #cottagestyle #colorboard #slipcoveredfurniture #cottagefurniture
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Color Board: Chocolate, Citrus & Jade

The Whimsy Stratosphere fabric was the inspiration for the chocolate, citrus, and jade color board. The overall look for a room using this palette can be influenced by which stripe you choose – want a more bold look? Go with the Cayman Aqua stripe. Looking for a more subdued scheme? Then the View Seaspray stripe is for you. Have a larger area to coordinate? Include both! The sea foam, clay, and citrus paint colors can be used on furniture or walls to complete the room(s). #cottagestyle #colorboard #slipcoveredfurniture #cottagefurniture

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Color Board: Navy & Gold #cottagestyle #navy #gold #cottagedecorating #navyandyellow #cottagefurniture #colorboard
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Color Board: Navy & Gold

There are three different rugs featured in this color board, each offering a different look, with the leda midnight fabric as the inspiration behind this board. The gold chloe rug is a more elegant look, while the sunflowers braided rug and stockholm rug provide a more country or cottage look, respectively. #cottagestyle #navy #gold #cottagedecorating #navyandyellow #cottagefurniture #colorboard

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Color Board: Reef Seaglass #coastalstyle #teal #chevron #aqua #beachhousedecor #cottagestyle
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Color Board: Reef Seaglass

The reef seaglass fabric in teal and chartreuse was the jumping off point for this coastal cottage color board. A bold chevron rug and chevron fabric interplay with solid teal, royal blue, and grey to create a modern beach house look. #coastalstyle #teal #chevron #aqua #beachhousedecor #cottagestyle

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