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This is a expanded post collection of cottage decorating articles to help stimulate your thoughts on improving your cottage style designs. Some examples of  post articles include how to Design a Sofa Collage, 5 Ways to Use a Barn Door in Your Designs, updates on design trends and many more. Every cottage decorating post includes sorting tags to focus on specific decorating by room or cottage decorating style. Please let our designers know which article you found the most helpful or what cottage decorating subjects you would appreciate us covering in the future.

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Pros and Cons of Stylish Home Trends

Since spring is upon us, now is a great time to begin brainstorming ways to freshen up your home! These trends are all unique and easy ways to liven up and re-organize the most frequently used spaces in the home. Looking at all sides of the pretty and practical elements of these trends helps to identify if they are a good fit for you and your family.

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Buying A Sofa
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Shopping for a Sofa? It’s More Than Just Good Looks!

Many people consider the sofa to be the crown jewel of the living room. It sets the style for the whole room and it’s usually the item that everything else revolves around. It’s an important purchase – and often an expensive one. Before you set out to shop, do a little homework first. It can save time and help you avoid some costly mistakes.

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Living Lodge
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Living Lodge

Just the mere word ‘lodge’ conjures images of a crackling fire…the aroma of a stew cooking in the kitchen…a rustic retreat designed for comfort and warmth. Your lodge could be a cozy log cabin on the prairie or a grandiose spread on a mountaintop out West. In fact, lodge style can be interpreted to fit just about every locale – east, west, north, south and in the middle. A lodge may be a vacation retreat or a year-round abode. Most of all, it’s a home for all seasons.

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Dining Chairs: Think Outside The Box
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Dining Chairs: Think Outside The Set

Your dining room is probably the most popular room in the house during the holidays when families and friends gather around the table for festive feasts. And, if you are planning on doing some dining room redecorating, now is the time to think out of the set. The traditional dining room table and chairs ‘matched set’ is giving way to a more creative ‘mix-and-match’ approach.

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