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Cottage Style Inspiration Boards

Cottage Style Inspiration Boards or cottage decorating idea boards present a coordinated plan of colors, fabrics, rugs and products targeted at a specific cottage room or cottage style interior design challenge. Many of these Inspiration Boards were developed for successful cottage decorating projects. Each cottage decorating idea board includes dimensions, specification, colors, fabrics and costs for each individual product. Sorting tags are included on each inspiration post to allow focusing on a specific color, room or cottage decorating style. Questions? Feel free to call our Inspiration Board designers for color samples.

Style Board: Cottage Upholstery #slipcoveredfurniture #slipcoveredsofas #cottageupholsteredfurniture #cottagefurniture
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Style Board: Cottage Upholstery

Out with the old decorating notion that all upholstered forms need to match. Once you let that idea go, furniture shopping gets a whole lot easier. Finding the right pieces for your home should be dictated by comfort, style, and color, and in today’s industry there is something for everyone. #slipcoveredfurniture #slipcoveredsofas #cottageupholsteredfurniture #cottagefurniture

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Inspiration Board: Coastal Nook #coastaldecor #coastalcottage #cottagedecor #coastalstyle #cottagestyle //
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Inspiration Board: Coastal Style Nook

Creating a simple and elegant coastal style nook is easy if you have the right pieces! A nook is any small space in your home that is tucked away, where you can escape to read, write, or watch a movie. The perfect nook has a little storage, a lot of comfortable seating and sufficient lighting. #coastaldecor #coastalcottage #cottagedecor #coastalstyle #cottagestyle //

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Inspiration Board: Seaside Dining Room #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #beachhousediningroom #farmhousetable #cottagefurniture
Coastal, Cottage Style, Dining

Inspiration Board: Seaside Dining Room

This rich aqua and coral color scheme is such a winning pair, and we love them even more in this seaside style dining room. The rich hues make it a lively and energetic space for gathering and entertaining. The coral and shell light fixtures bring a tasteful coastal element to the room, while the large buffet & hutch provide both hidden storage and open shelves to display your china. #coastaldiningroom #beachhousediningroom #farmhousetable #cottagefurniture

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Inspiration Board: Country Cottage Bedroom #cottagebedroom #countrybedroom #inspirationboard #countrystyle #cottagefurniture
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Inspiration Board: Country Cottage Bedroom

This charming country bedroom offers a soft palette of green, coral, cream, and honey tones for a quiet and restful feel. The quintessential country cottage bedroom must have a braided rug, and this one brings the whole palette together! Braided rugs are a great investment, because they are typically made of natural fibers like wool or cotton which are easy to clean, are reversible for maximum life, and the tight weave is strong and resilient in high traffic areas. #cottagebedroom #countrybedroom #inspirationboard #countrystyle #cottagefurniture

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Inspiration Board: Lofty Lodge Dining #lodgediningroom #rusticstyle #rusticdiningroom #barnwoodtables #reclaimedwoodtables #farmhousetables #inspirationboards
Cottage Style, Country, Dining, Lodge & Lake House

Inspiration Board: Lofty Lodge Dining

The striking aspen chandelier is the focal point in this rustic lodge dining room. It soars above the large farmhouse table, finished in mahogany, which is paired with the plymouth arm chair in black and the plymouth side chair in tomato. The canyon kilim rug, with it’s rich reds, oranges, and blues, ties this space together, complemented by the northport buffet & hutch, beautifully finished in a deep red. #lodgediningroom #rusticstyle #rusticdiningroom #barnwoodtables #reclaimedwoodtables #farmhousetables #inspirationboards

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