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Cottage Style Inspiration Boards

Cottage Style Inspiration Boards or cottage decorating idea boards present a coordinated plan of colors, fabrics, rugs and products targeted at a specific cottage room or cottage style interior design challenge. Many of these Inspiration Boards were developed for successful cottage decorating projects. Each cottage decorating idea board includes dimensions, specification, colors, fabrics and costs for each individual product. Sorting tags are included on each inspiration post to allow focusing on a specific color, room or cottage decorating style. Questions? Feel free to call our Inspiration Board designers for color samples.

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Inspiration Board: Black, Charcoal & Olive

This black, charcoal, and olive color scheme has a modern and urban appeal that would be perfect for a living room fit for entertaining. The track arm sofa has slender arms and simple lines, while the soft olive colored fabric makes for luxurious and inviting seating. Pairing two different styled sofas in complementary fabrics creates a diverse and interesting space. The surrounding accents are key in pulling the two sofas together, and the wide striped rug is an eye catching anchor for the room. The mercury lamp adds just the right amount of glitz – a great way to introduce a new material, and the glass reflects a beautiful glow from the light.

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Inspiration Board: Seaglass

We never tire of the beautiful hues in a seaglass color palette! This charming seaside bedroom set is an eclectic mix, and each piece has their own personality within a complementing color palette. By mixing blues, greens, and whites in varying shades, you create an eye-popping space with lots of character. Don’t be afraid to venture out of the matchy-matchy bedroom sets, and put the room together with different pieces in a cohesive range of colors.

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Inspiration Board: Sunny Kitchen Nook

This rustic buffet in this sunny kitchen nook is made of reclaimed old pine making it a unique center island for the kitchen. Reclaimed wood has lots of personality with an array of markings from it’s years of wear. The age of this type of wood also makes for a harder surface and is not as penetrable as new pine. There are two types of wood treatments for a kitchen surface: stained and sealed, if not being used as a cutting surface, or oiled, if the surface will be used as a direct prep station. Incorporating a center island in the kitchen adds another work surface and offers a chance to punch up your look with color or detailing. If space permits, add stools for seating and an overhead pendant light – a great spot for morning coffee, after school homework, or late night snacking!

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Inspiration Board: Tangerine Dream

Decorating with blue and tangerine creates an exciting and whimsical theme for a kid’s play area or reading spot in a bedroom. The over-sized chair is big enough for two to curl up on, while the soft poof ottomans provide additional seating. Creating an environment for children is about visual and tactile stimulation, which is why you can be a little bolder with shapes, textures, and colors. Let their imaginations do the rest!

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Inspiration Board: Cottage Charm

Whether it is a cottage by the ocean or a lakeside in the woods, cottage charm can take on many forms. A true cottage is outfitted with a wide variety of furniture and accessories to make it an eclectic and unique home. This cottage style inspiration board is a blend of materials and a concise color palette, with traditional elements like the cotton braided rug and natural rattan wicker. The soft greens, blues, and ivories combine to create a romantic, charming feeling in this setting.

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Staff Picks: Katie’s Compromise “The Master Bedroom”

This serene green color package brings together our two distinct tastes of casual elegance and rustic farmhouse charm to create a gender neutral master bedroom. It is a melody of seafoam and sage greens, with a splash of brown and black blended together perfectly in the striped rug. The arched upholstered headboard in the soft seafoam fabric is a flawless choice that captures elegant simplicity.

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Inspiration Board: Whimsical Sun Porch Dining

The best part of a sun porch is that you can outfit it as an extension of your home!  This aqua and coral color palette is made more diverse with the addition of reds, greens, mustard yellows, and darker stains.  It is a whimsical and cheery palette that creates the perfect surroundings for a fun outdoor family space.  #farmhousetables #cottageporches #cottagewickerfurniture #inspirationboards

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Inspiration Board: French Country Dining

When designing with French Country flair you want to emphasize rustic wood with rubbed and distressed finishes mixed with a dash of toiles and frills.  It is a delicate balance between luxury and comfort with a primary focus on rustic charm. #countrystyle #reclaimedwoodtables #countryfurniture

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