Aqua & Orange Decorating | Color Board: Bittersweet

Autumn Stripe Wpven cotton Rug Lake House Furniture Collection - Bamboo Medium Rub Glaze and Distressing Cottage Collection - Tidewater Shoreline Slipcovered Fabrics - Giada Spa Grade G Shoreline Slipcovered Fabrics - Giada Pumpkin Grade G Summer House Upholstery Fabrics Belle Flower Grade 26

This bittersweet palette boasts a perfect balance of cool and warm colors, sure to inspire cottage decorating ideas for your coastal cottage home.  The splashy notes of coral and zesty lime are cooled off with a dose of soft seafoam.  What’s wonderful about this palette is the versatility of the colors!  You can emphasize the orange and the aqua for a punchier look, or really play up the seafoam.  Either way, the colors will create a harmonious atmosphere in any space.

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