Browsing online we always see these absolutely beautiful laundry rooms that inspire the desire to redecorate this nook of the home immediately!  The approach to decorating your laundry room shouldn’t be much different than any other room in your home.  You want this space to reflect the overall style of your home, with an emphasis an organization and storage.  Here are some stylish photos to help you decide what kind of laundry room look you want to create.

Vintage Vignettes

Wire baskets and vintage corbels are adorable accents for this charming cottage laundry room.  The short, sheer drapes allow plenty of light to shine in and bring this space to life.

Beautiful Laundry Rooms | Design Tip: Laundry Room Styles #vintageaccents #charmingdecor #laundryroom
Image: Thistle Wood Farms

Coastal Breeze

This laundry room seamlessly blends white, beige, and sand tones for a simple and refreshing design.  The old washboards and enamel basins are perfect for adding rustic elements to the overall clean look. The over-sized baskets fit beautifully in the cabinet for additional storage.

 Beautiful Laundry Rooms | Design Tip: Laundry Room Styles #cottagedecor #coastaldecor #laundryroom
Image: Cottage In the Oaks

Rustic Lodge

This laundry room clearly belongs to a rustic lake house or lodge!  The exposed timber walls and thick ceiling beams give the space all the character it needs, leaving the decorative touches simple and refined.  And, what a dream come true to have a sink on hand for easy soaking!

Beautiful Laundry Rooms | Design Tip: Laundry Room Styles #lodgedecor #rusticdecor #laundryroom
Image: Cute Decor

A Little Country

A decorative backslash isn’t only for kitchens and bathrooms!  The slightly imperfect geometric tiling is definitely the focal point and provides a beautiful source of color in this laundry room.  The shaker style custom cabinetry provides plenty of closed door storage to tuck away all of those not-so-nice-looking laundry room items.  The cabinetry is also the perfect shade of tinted grey to pick up the muted tones in the tile.

 Beautiful Laundry Rooms | Design Tip: Laundry Room Styles #countrydecor #cottagedecor #laundryroom
Image: BHG

Which laundry room do you feel fits your personal home decor style?

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