Inspiration Board: Red Letter Days #reds #blues #cottageoffice #cottagestyledesks
1., 3. DeMille Red Pendant, 13″H, $410 | 2. Halley Cage Pendant, 20″H, $740 | 4. Argine Royal & Ruby Vinyl Floor Cloth, various sizes, from $60  |  5. St. Ann’s Bay Writing Desk, 54″W, from $1,085 | 6. Saddle Seat Stool with Handles, two heights, from $250

Inspiration comes in many forms – a sunset, a symphony, a speech. But if you’re stuck inside with a deadline, you must look for a muse elsewhere. Vibrant colors, clean lines that allow maximum efficiency and out of the ordinary forms that provoke thought can help your workflow along when you have your nose to the grindstone. Turn your cottage style home office into an enjoyable place to create with a few key items.

Enlist the Argine Royal & Ruby Vinyl Floor Cloth, with its richly colored and detailed pattern resembling an antique playing card, to set the mood for your revamped creation station. With a compact silhouette, the St. Ann’s Bay Writing Desk offers more than meets the eye: the center of the desk top flips up to reveal laptop storage and two additional drawers. Shown here in Blueberry, this desk is available in eight other colors. Available in two heights, the cheery and perkily portable Saddle Seat Stool with Handles comes in dozens of paint colors as well as several stains. Bolster to your industrial aesthetic with the domed Halley Cage Pendant, a sleek cross between an antique caged light and a vintage diver’s helmet. Or if a punch of color is what you’re after, hang one or more of the painted terracotta DeMille Red Pendants, also available in Ivory.

What are your favorite ideas for creating a welcoming home office?

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