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Blue Painted Stairs 6 Ways #paintedstairs #blue #designtip #cottagestyle http://thedistinctivecottage.com
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Blue Painted Stairs 6 Ways

Painted stairs are such a fun way to add color and personality to your home in an unexpected way – whether you are looking to jazz up your entryway or distinguish a back staircase. We’ve collected six different ways to add a decorative touch to your stairs in one of our favorite colors: blue! #paintedstairs #blue #cottagestyle #designtips http://thedistinctivecottage.com

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Creating Your Own Gallery Collage

The most important rule of thumb when creating your own gallery collage is to have fun! This is a design project that allows you to dictate what you want to see featured on your walls. Choose items that share memories, inspire you, motivate you, and ultimately make you happy. It’s an opportunity to express the people, places, and things you love.

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A Home Fit For Our Furry Friends

Pets are a huge part of our families; they bring joy and happiness to our lives and to our homes. With our pets in mind, we want to create a home that is suitable for their active lifestyles, yet doesn’t sacrifice comfort or style in the process. It is all about choosing materials, especially fabrics, that will accommodate the inevitable wear and tear from our furry friends. Here are a few tips to help you create pet-friendly environments for the two rooms most frequently visited by paws – the entryway and the family room.

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First Impression Entryway
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Design Tip: Organize Your Entryway

Today’s front and back entryways seem to be a source of clutter, extra “stuff”, and disorganization for most homes! It is a natural drop off station, a place for reminders as you are coming and going, and where hats/mittens/coats/shoes stack up all year round. It is no wonder clutter and chaos can quickly occur in a busy household. Here are a few helpful hints to create a practical, organized, and aesthetically pleasing mudroom.

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Design Tip: Foyer Space
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Design Tip: Foyer Space

Color is one of the most important elements in designing a room or space. It sets the tone for a room and provides a background for the rest of the design. Generally, stronger and brighter colors should be used in the smallest amounts as a tool to accent a space. Use a bright color in a foyer to invite guests into the home and play up a smaller space. A bright blue is clean and crisp, giving the space a bright, airy feel. Balance the brightness by bringing in accents, such as an array of pictures, a rich runner, or a unique chair.

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Halls & Entryways

Often overlooked, the entry hall is usually where you welcome guests to your home.  Take a look at the foyer you have, taking into account the size and traffic pattern of…

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