Color Board: Aqua Vie #aquas #cottagerugs #blues #citrusgreen //thedistinctivecottage.com/
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Color Board: Aqua Vie

The lull between the holidays and the first of spring can set the mind wandering to warmer climes and bright colors. In lieu of an island getaway, create an atmosphere of deep ocean waters and beachside margaritas with aqua, indigo and citrus green touches. #aquas #cottagerugs #blues #citrusgreen //thedistinctivecottage.com/

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Color Board: Ripple Effects #cottagedecorating #cottagestyle #colorboard #cottagedecor http://thedistinctivecottage.com
Color Boards, Cottage Style, Living

Color Board: Ripple Effects

Earth tones like charcoal, terracotta, amber, maroon, and navy effortlessly create a calm, modest, and natural ambiance for a color scheme. Add a touch of aqua and ivory to keep the look fresh! The ripple cinnamon rug was the starting point for this color board, which offers a myriad of colors allowing a lot of flexibility when choosing accent colors. This look would be perfect for a large living room or family area, as dark colors are ideal for high traffic areas because they will hide dirt and wear better. #cottagedecorating #cottagestyle #colorboard #cottagedecor http://thedistinctivecottage.com

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Color Board: Navy & Gold #cottagestyle #navy #gold #cottagedecorating #navyandyellow #cottagefurniture #colorboard http://thedistinctivecottage.com
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Color Board: Navy & Gold

There are three different rugs featured in this color board, each offering a different look, with the leda midnight fabric as the inspiration behind this board. The gold chloe rug is a more elegant look, while the sunflowers braided rug and stockholm rug provide a more country or cottage look, respectively. #cottagestyle #navy #gold #cottagedecorating #navyandyellow #cottagefurniture #colorboard http://thedistinctivecottage.com

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Color Board: Jewel Tones

Creating a rich and luxurious look is effortless when working with jewel tones because of their natural ability to transform the mundane. The bold and vibrant tones in the rose rug, shown above, sets the stage for a dramatic look. Choosing this colorful rug as your focal point is not meant for the faint of heart. We paired it with a snappy teal, artichoke green, deep marine blue, and a sunny marigold. These colors highlight the liveliness of the rose rug without drowning it with too many accent colors.

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