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Color Board: Rust, Gold & Bay Leaf

This Cat’s Paw rug is the primary focal point in this playful, yet refined, color palette. The bold print of the rug adds a touch of whimsy to the otherwise reserved linens and embossed fabrics. The array of colors in the rug provides endless cottage style decorating ideas for coordinates, but these fabric choices are designed for a more formal space that wants to avoid a stuffy appearance. The gold and red fabrics provide warmth, and, accompanied by the rug, create a friendly and inviting environment.

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Rooms To Love: Rustic Coastal Cottage

This rustic coastal cottage packs a lot of personality for such a small space. The painted white high-paneled wainscoting and walls provide a clean palette to showcase the red, white, and blue motif. The reclaimed wood accent pieces, like the coffee table, the cricket end table, and the storage chest of drawers, bring in a little bit of country to this seaside cottage. Tasteful coral, seashell, and sea glass accessories sprinkle the walls and surfaces to quietly reference the home’s natural surroundings.

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Color Board: Strawberry Lemonade

On a hot summer day all you want is an ice cold refreshing drink to quench your thirst! This color palette does the same for your senses by blending warm and cool tones to create an invigorating combination. This room is a cottage style inspiration to wellness with its uplifting and cheery demeanor. How could you not feel instantly happier walking into this space?

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Color Board: Shades of Sage & Persimmon

Blending the warm tone of persimmon with the cool hues of sage and eucalyptus creates this complex color palette. The most interesting spaces tend to be those in which the colors are layered to create a multi-visual statement. As long as the colors balance and complement one another, a space can be as layered as you like. Here you see a well rounded country style color palette that is unique and tasteful. It will bring interest and personality into the space with the spicy shades of persimmon and the serene hints of sage and eucalyptus.

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Color Board: Reds, Greens & Blues
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Color Board: Reds, Greens & Blues

With so many colors to choose from, the design schemes are endless! A pop of red on an accent chair, a deep blue cabinet, funky green lamps – what would you choose? Our Reds, Greens and Blues color board is sure to inspire you and your home. #colorboard #red #aqua #green #cottagestyle http://thedistinctivecottage.com

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